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10 benefits of living in a tiny house

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Although tiny houses have become fixed in the minds of many people, few people know what it is actually like to buy one or live in one. Television shows highlight the luxuries a few owners have packed into their tiny homes, and even a few YouTube videos show what it is like to build one.

However, very few people have actually conveyed the actual benefits of living in one because seeing someone with this type of house is much different than feeling the joy of living in one for a month, year, or decade and experiencing the various financial and emotional benefits.

The best way to understand the benefits is to stay in one for a time. There are two ways to do this. First, you can purchase one and jump into the tiny-living experience all at once. The second way is to vacation in one. You can do this by booking a stay at Tiny Away. Doing so will allow you to feel the benefits rather than see them on a screen.

1. Easier to own

When it comes to the many benefits of living in a tiny residence, autonomy is one of the top ones. For instance, owning a home is preferable to renting one as the mortgage payments you make go toward loading up on equity.

However, with a traditional home, you might be amassing equity for years without really ever owning the home. In fact, most people who own their homes do not actually own them. The banks that hold the mortgages are the actual owners, and throughout the duration of the mortgage process, the ownership is slowly transferred.

With a tiny home, owning one outright is a much faster process because the overall cost can be a tenth of what a traditional house costs.

2. Financial security

The financial security you feel does not simply stem from finally paying off the house. The financial security you feel actually comes within the very first month of buying a tiny home. For instance, once you purchase a tiny home, you will have more money left over from your paycheck because the mortgage for a tiny house will also be relatively tiny. The result is that you will have more money for food, clothing, and medical expenses. You will have more money for vacations, shopping, and entertainment. You will have more money for maintaining your automobile or learning a hobby. You will have more money to save and invest. In short, you will have much more financial security.

3. More time on your hands

With a traditional home, there is always something to fix or clean. With a tiny house, there are simply fewer things to fix, and there are not many dishes or windows to clean. There are not many carpets to vacuum, and there is no basement or attic to repair. As a result, you will have much more time on your hands because you will not have so many maintenance demands.

4. Safe

In the movies, there is always a creak in the dark that indicates someone is moving about in another room. There is always that moment of decision to either investigate or go back to sleep. With a tiny home, there is no guesswork. You know immediately if anyone is attempting to get in because the door is right across the room. There is never anyone creeping about the room without you knowing it. This awareness makes it much easier for many people to feel safe.

5. Easier to update

When you want a new style, you can actually finish a remodel over a weekend. Consequently, you will never become bored by the way your home looks.

6. Better lessons for children

Many parents attempt to teach their children the best lessons to make it in life. These lessons help children be happy and more satisfied. When you own a tiny home, one of the lessons your children learn is that it is not important to fixate on lots of personal possessions. Children learn that having less is sometimes the best way to achieve more. They learn that enjoying a simple living structure can lead to less financial stress. They learn to socialize better, and they learn to clean up after themselves because in a tiny home, quarters are cozy. In fact, it is not much of an exaggeration to say that if you live in a tiny home, your children will be better people. Tiny home owners become better people. In short, the world would be a better place if everyone lived in tiny homes.

7. Multiple anchors

The final benefit is that living in a tiny home allows you to purchase a second piece of land elsewhere and go live there. Doing so allows you a greater sense of mobility and freedom without sacrificing the sense of ownership and security you get from owning a home. When you want a change of venue, all you have to do is return to your other piece of property.

8. Scenic

With a tiny home, there are often many more windows. This allows you to enjoy your property as you drink your morning coffee.

9. Heals the environment

With a tiny home, you do not use so many unnecessary resources to heat or cool it. As a result, you do not add to the overall problem of global warming.

10. More luxury

With a tiny home, your money can go toward having the best of everything. For instance, you can have the very best bed and the very best refrigerator. You can have the very best couch and the best coffee maker because there are fewer things to buy.       

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