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10 Best Countries to Study Abroad

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Not everyone knows that studying abroad can be affordable and exciting. There are many countries with exchange programs ready to take foreign students for cheap

Top 10 student-friendly countries for studying abroad

If you are a great student and looking for more opportunities to develop, going abroad can become one of such options.

Foreign universities can help you acquire extra social, language and learning skills, find out more about new cultures and ways of studying, make new friends, and exchange knowledge and ideas.

The overseas experience will give you an advantage over your group mates when it comes to getting a job and if you haven`t considered any variants yet, there are some best countries to study abroad.

Top countries for college students

If you belong to those successful students that study hard, receive excellent grades, and can even offer others Pay me to do your homework Reddit posting, you may consider strengthening your talent abroad.

There are top 10 countries that are friendly for foreign students and offer interesting and affordable exchanging programs and studying conditions:

1.   Australia

This is probably the most interesting country to study abroad as it is located far away from other continents. If you love kangaroos, then choose one of six Australian universities.

Australia is considered a global educational leader and despite a relatively small population offers over 22K courses in over 1,1K institutions. In addition to studies, you can enjoy the overall sunny lifestyle, beaches, Great Ocean Road and many other activities;

2. Canada

Around 6,5% (200 000) of Canadian post-secondary education consists of foreign students.

With Toronto as one of the most demanded cities and several internationally top-ranked universities, Canada has a lot to offer in addition to Niagara Falls;

3. United Kingdom

Dreaming of study in Cambridge or Oxford? The United Kingdom offers different scholarship opportunities and unusual flexible schedules.

Studying in the UK may be tough as the requirements are quite high but you can always manage your tasks by getting assignment writing help: for example, order an essay for your Literature class when the deadlines are close. Despite all this, English education is one of the best and such experience will be a great plus for your future career;

4. France

Breathtaking Paris, Cannes and French Riviera are not the only positive moments as France has a prominent system of education with over 3,5K institutions all over the country.

Even though undergraduate courses are mostly in French, graduates can study in English and find low tuition fees as a bonus;

5. USA

America is probably one of a few countries that can offer such a variety of opportunities.

There are thousands of institutions including Ivy League accepting foreign applicants (around 750K yearly), students can choose between different areas and cities from California to New York depending on the lifestyle they want to lead;

6. Germany

One of the economic leaders in Europe, Germany can offer many cultural and financial programs. It is widely known for free tuition, quality of education, thriving tech hubs, modern educational and research approaches and internationally ranked institutions;

7. Netherlands

Even being a small country, it has eight international universities which means a lot.

There are over 2K different college programs in English, mostly student-centered approach and lots of graduates staying in the country even after completing their studies;

8. Switzerland

This country can offer two world’s highest-rated universities, developing such skills as critical thinking, communicating and debating, many magical castles and Swiss Alps to feel the taste freedom;

9. Mexico

Low living costs and fantastic hot climate of Mexico attracts students from all over the world to join Mexican best universities.

Culture, festivals, and adventures will give you an unforgettable experience – in addition to great knowledge, of course;

10. Thailand

This country is perfect for vacation but it is also the number one in education in Asia!

Just imagine how you take breaks near the ocean with delicious street food, lovely landscapes, cheap cost of living and the best international universities – all this makes this place a dream for a student.

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