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10 Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Teacher

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Having a positive relationship with your teacher is often an underrated and overlooked aspect of schools and colleges. A good rapport with your professor can have long-lasting implications on both your academics and your future ahead. 

This can not only help to improve your enjoyment in class but can also create an encouraging environment for you to thrive in as a student. That said, we are not suggesting that you should start buttering up your teachers. On the contrary, there are some simple steps that you can take to get along with your teacher without seeming too eager. 

Take a look at these tips to decide for yourself which one of these will fit your scenario the best. 

1. Be Respectful 

One of the most critical aspects of building a good relationship with your teacher is to treat them respectfully. Starting with arriving to class on time, being courteous towards your peers, and being engaged during the class can make a huge difference. 

It also means submitting all your coursework on time. Understandably, it can be challenging to keep track of the homework from different teachers. This is why, sometimes, you might be better off getting some additional help. You may think “Can I find professionals to write my essay online?” It is completely possible. Delegate some of your work to make sure that you are on track with your stack of assignments. This will not only take the pressure off you but will also give you more time to focus on tests and classes. 

2. Participate in Class 

While it is important to maintain discipline in the classroom, this does not mean that you have to stay quiet. Make it a point to engage in class, actively ask questions and contribute to discussions. In most colleges and universities, this might even be a part of your grade. 

Therefore, even if you are only at the school level, it would be good to nurture this as a habit and build your confidence. But it also will get you noticed by your teacher and help to create a positive opinion. 

3. Ask For Clarifications Outside Classroom 

A majority of the time, students hesitate to approach teachers to clear confusion because they might seem intimidating in the classroom. However, outside this setting, both students and teachers are likely to be much more relaxed. 

If you have a question regarding a topic or an assignment, you need not hesitate to consult them during office hours. You can take advantage of this interaction to get any extra help needed, gather information about extracurriculars regarding research projects, or simply amount your progress in the class. This will also give an opportunity to your teacher to get to know you better. 

4. Discuss Your Future Plans

Education is one of the significant aspects of securing your future. And it wouldn't hurt to get input from your teacher. If you want to pursue a certain profession or have plans for higher education, you can and should reach out to your teachers for guidance. 

Discussing your future plans with the right teachers can help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and how you can take the relevant classes to meet your goal. Your teacher will be more knowledgeable and will have more insight about scholarships and academic programs that you can consider. 

Moreover, a positive reference letter from your teacher can go a long way in your college and job applications. 

5. Maintain Your Academics 

If you want to gain the respect of your teacher, make sure that you stay on top of the course material. It will be a good idea to prepare for the classes in advance if you have the time. Ensuring that you get all of your class assignments done in time is a small thing that can make a huge difference. 

Needless to say, good grades in class will definitely impress your teacher. That said, bear in mind that you do not always have to prove that you know the answer. You should always give others the opportunity to engage in class as well. 

6. Ask For Extra Credit 

If your grades have been low or you are simply looking to boost them for higher studies, you can also request your teacher for extra credit. This can be another way to indicate to your teacher that you are serious about school and education. 

This will play out well for you, as it will certainly make your teacher remember your name and take note of your performance in class. 

7. Help Your Classmates 

Having a good school experience is not only dictated by your teachers but also your fellow students. Being helpful towards your classmates can be a contributing factor towards maintaining a good reputation and a positive relationship with your teacher. 

For instance, if your teacher assigns group work, you can make sure that you do your part and assist your teammates if needed. This will help to develop a good rapport among your classmates as well. Furthermore, your teacher will appreciate the fact that you are supportive and proactive when it comes to group activities. 

8. Do Not Try Too Hard 

There is a fine line between being a good student and trying too hard to become your teacher's pet. Although this might seem contradictory, given the tone of the rest of this article, it is one of the crucial points to remember. 

Your teachers are likely to have seen many students before you, and if they sense that you are not genuine, they will not take it very well. In fact, there might be repercussions to faking your behavior in class to get your teacher's favor. 

The best way is to be yourself and show that you can be a hardworking student. You only need to attend and pay attention to the classes and submit all assignments on time. Such simple steps alone can reap benefits for you. But constantly competing for your teacher's approval would be a bad idea. 

9. Correct Your Mistakes 

If you are already in a bad rapport with one of your teachers due to a mistake from your side, it is never too late to try to correct it. Taking the initiative will help you rebuild your relationship if done the right way. 

If it needs an apology from your side, you can stay behind after class to talk to your teacher. It will show that you have identified your mistake and are willing to rectify it. If possible, ask your teacher how you can improve or what measures you can take to make things better. 

10. You Might Not Always Get Along 

If you have been following all of the above and still not able to get along with your teacher—first of all, understand that such things happen. After all, you both are two different individuals. 

The only thing you can do in such situations is to try to communicate properly. Always remember that you can always reach out to senior staff or your parents if you need further guidance regarding such situations. 

Having a good relationship with your teacher does not mean that you will be favored, nor is it a shortcut to getting good grades. But it alone can make your classes more fun, positive, and enjoyable. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.