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10 Ways to use a Food Processor

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There are very few kitchen appliances that are as versatile as the modern food processor. With all their customisable settings and cutting abilities, food processors offer modern makers and bakers a myriad of effortless food prep alternatives that can shave hours off the time you may have spent on cooking in the past during any given week.

But how exactly can food processors cut your overall food prep time in half regardless of what kind of cuisine you’re looking to prepare? Well get ready to find out! We’ve put together a list of just 10 out of the very many ways that you can use a food processor to level up with your home cooking. 

Read on to unearth just what you’ll be able to do when you invest in a modern food processor.

1. Instant kneaded dough

Sick of hand-kneading dough when making cookies or baking bread? A food processor can take care of that for you! Many food processors come with plastic blades specifically designed to knead dough perfectly, whether it be for the purposes of baking bread like sourdoughs or even easily preparing pizza or pasta doughs.

Simply adjust your processor’s knead speed to suit the consistency that you’d like your dough to reach, and save yourself from all the hassle that accompanies performing this process manually.

2. Grate or shred cheese 

If you’re not a fan of grating cheese, then you’ll be happy to hear that your food processor can indeed handle this little prep chore for you too. You can adjust your blade speeds to produce a portion of evenly shredded mozzarella cheese or opt for a grater mode to make some delicate parmesan cheese shavings, perfect for topping a homemade mac and cheese.

It’s also worth noting that by shredding your own cheese, you’ll be spending a lot less at your grocery store than if you were to buy pre-shredded options that offer a comparatively fractional amount of cheese at more or less the same price as uncut cheeses.

3. Make cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles

Cauliflower rice can become a staple in households that are looking to reduce their overall carb intake. And whilst this rice alternative can have its fair share of health benefits, it does come with one major caveat: it’s often accompanied by a high price tag despite generally being available in minuscule portions.

You can, however, make cauliflower rice and other low-carb alternatives like zucchini noodles with minimal fuss when your kitchen is equipped with a modern food processor. In this way, having a food processor at home really lets you and your household take full control of your collective health and nutrition needs.

4. Chop veggies in many ways

Sick of dicing onions, shredding potatoes, preparing julienne tomatoes, or heaven forbid, mincing garlic? There’s no denying that chopping up veggies can be a highly time-consuming phase of any home cook. That’s where your food processor will come in. 

Your food processor can make quick work of preparing your veggies in virtually every way that you can imagine. Simply select the blade setting that aligns with your food prep needs and watch this trusty machine work its magic in a matter of seconds.

5. Grind or mince ingredients 

Just as your food processor can mince garlic, it may be able to mince a myriad of other cooking ingredients too, including beef for the production of meat patties. If you’re a vegan and are looking to make lentil patties, then you won’t need to painstakingly grind your lentils, beans, or legumes down to a mince just by hand.

Just as your food processor will make quick work of mincing raw meats, it can equally complete the once arduous task of processing chickpeas and other legumes into an easily malleable mince in next to no time at all.

6. Processing a wide variety of baking flour

If you’re gluten intolerant and are looking to make your own gut-friendly flour alternatives, you’ll be happy to hear that your food processor can help out here too.

Food processors are superb for easily grinding down nuts, so you can make almond meal or almond flour with minimal fuss. Nut-free too? Why not try your hand at making coconut flour or even chickpea flour?

7. Quick and easy breadcrumbs

If you’re a fan of fried chicken and want to try making your own signature blend of herbs and spices for a change, then your food processor can play a vital role in not just preparing your batter, but maybe even the breadcrumbs that you’ll use to coat your finished fried chicken creations.

Your food processor will be able to process stale breads down in order to produce homemade breadcrumbs in next to no time at all, allowing you to make quick and easy KFC-level chicken right from home and potentially effectively minimise your household’s food waste in the process too.

8. Making nut butters

What if instead of buying jars and jars of peanut butter, you buy just one jar and make your own peanut butter right at home and entirely from scratch?

A food processor will allow you to do that. In a similar fashion to grinding almonds in order to make almond flour, your food processor will be able to process nuts and oils together in order to make some delicious and nutritious nut butter with no added nasties! 

9. Making slushies or smoothies

Of course, you can absolutely use your food processor just as you would a blender and prepare yourself some delectable smoothies and other blended cold drinks too. If the weather is particularly hot, you could go a step further and add some ice to your blended creation and make yourself some quick, easy, and infinitely refreshing slushies! You can make them extra healthy (and yummy) by adding some frozen fruit alongside some ice.

10. Preparing baby foods

Finally, your food processor may also help you stay on top of not just your own health and nutrition needs, but your children’s nutrition needs too. Food processors can be superb for making homemade baby foods like banana or pumpkin purees. If your child has any pesky allergies or sensitivities to food additives, preparing their food with your trusty food processor will ensure that your child maintains access to all the nutrients that they’ll need throughout this period of their development. 

To Sum it Up

And there you have it! 10 highly diverse ways to use a modern food processor. Chances are if you do bite the bullet and invest in your own food processor, you’ll be able to find a plethora of other ways that this innovative kitchen appliance can enhance every aspect of your personal cooking habits.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.