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3 Places to Explore in the US in 2021

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The quarantine has made traveling rather complicated lately. Most people have been trying their best to stay at home to contribute to the fight against the disease. But one can not be expected to live in four walls for months at a time and remain sane. 

It is about time to go stretch your legs a bit and start the new 2021 year from a completely blank page.

Now how do you change the scenery without potentially exposing yourself and others to a deadly virus? Besides the obvious part of following the safety guidelines, the answer to that is to choose a sufficiently remote location to visit for your vacation

Pick one that can offer you enough space to reduce the chances of running into other tourists to a minimum. Luckily, the US has no shortage of such locations. 

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the must-visit tourist attractions of the United States. Plenty of people all over the world come into the country just to have a glimpse of its beauty. It is a remarkable landmark that can serve as a basis for entire academic papers.

You’ll have no trouble looking up information about it online but in case you do you can find your essay helper on essayhelp to get a hand with that. Researching your vacation spots isn’t as boring or tacky as the elders make it look. It can actually be pretty interesting at times.

And as a person who doesn’t need to cross half the planet just to take a look at the Grand Canyon, you have absolutely no excuse not to visit it at least once in your lifetime. This is especially relevant now when international transit is not as bustling and the place is relatively quiet. 

Don’t forget to bring a camera with you. You will definitely want to bring a photo or two back home with you.

Tombstone, Arizona

Western is a genre that holds an exceptional place for America in general. Partly because it depicts a part of American history with some (a lot of) creative liberties sprinkled here and there. But mostly because it’s cool. 

The genre is somewhat dead now with some very impressive yet futile attempts to revive it popping up here and there occasionally. But it never stopped being a pleasure to rewatch some of the old pearls of the 60s-90s cinematography:

  • The Dollars Trilogy;
  • My Name Is Nobody;
  • Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid;
  • The Magnificent Seven.

And as a resident of the US, you have a unique opportunity to witness the glory of a real backwater desert town. If that sounds like a nice idea for a retreat then Tombstone, Arizona is the place for you. 

It does make you feel like you are Clint Eastwood when you enter the town. And the time your spend there is entirely worth the trouble of prolonged travel.

Yosemite National Park

California isn’t almost heaven. But with places as picturesque as Yosemite National Park, it can definitely be considered close enough. 

In times like these, it’s a perfect place for an isolated retreat. And it can certainly be a welcome change of scenery if you live in a busy city. There is plenty of space there so you definitely won’t be exposing yourself to a lot of crowds that’s for sure.

Keep in mind that it can be quite chilly there in the winter. And some of the roads in the park close down due to heavy snow. So it might be best to wait until late spring to visit. 

You should also know that the park has shortened its visiting hours in compliance with the California Regional Stay Home order. Its lodgings and camping sites are also closed at this time. So you will have to find a place to stay outside of its premises.

Final Words

The way in which the pandemic has influenced our lives is pretty unfortunate. The need for quarantine has lasted for far longer than the patience of most people can stretch. 

Moreover, there is no telling how long it will last. But it is important to keep a reasonable disposition and stay on the safer side. We are in this together and every person has a duty to do one's part in stopping the spread of the virus.

On the brighter side, there are plenty of things you can entertain yourself with while this whole mess is being sorted out. Pick up new hobbies, finish a TV show you dropped halfway, reach out to family and old friends, or go out on some responsible and safe trips. 

Don’t let your mind focus on the negatives only. There are loads of ways to keep yourself busy even with the lack of face-to-face interaction.

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