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3 Reasons To Consider Timeshare Rentals For Your Next Vacation

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Finding time to catch a break and go on a destination vacation is a strenuous task for people who work day in and day out. If you’re virtually tied to your job, you can’t just drop everything to go on a long-awaited trip to complete your traveling bucket list or spend quality time with your loved ones. 

If this is your first time planning a destination holiday trip, know that it requires careful attention to achieve a smooth and unbothered trip. 

Besides signing up for a travel insurance package, you still have to worry about other aspects of your holidays including transportation and lodging. No matter how gorgeous your vacation destination is, figuring out how to get there and where you’ll stay can be troublesome. However, between those two, you and your loved ones’ accommodation could make or break the entire vacation trip.

If you’re already tired of how hotels work, why not consider other options?

What Is Timeshare And Timeshare Rentals

Having a timeshare, also called ‘vacation ownership’ will allow a person to make arrangements with a resort, hotel, and the like to secure a given place for a specific date of the year for holidays and vacation use. Although this definition doesn’t sound different from reserving a hotel room, choosing timeshares is still a completely different experience, especially since it’s said to be easy to rent a timeshare.

Timeshare rentals, on the other hand, are timeshares being rented out by their original owners instead of using them themselves. Some timeshare owners end up not using their annual schedule on their timeshare. Instead of letting them go to waste, they end up being leased to vacation-goers. 

Companies such as KOALA and the like make timeshare renting easier than ever. They connect timeshare owners directly with potential customers, allowing timeshare owners to make extra money all the while offering a series of advantages to holiday seekers worldwide. 

Why Choose Timeshare Rentals Over Conventional Accommodation Options 

There are a myriad of accommodation options vacation goers can consider. But timeshare rentals are said to easily lord over conventional facilities such as hotels, motels, and many more. 

Are you still wondering what’s in it for you if you go with timeshare rentals? The following are the perceived benefits many timeshare rental customers tend to enjoy:

#1 Low-Cost Accommodations

If you’re the type of person who prefers keeping an iron grip on your budget, then renting a timeshare is probably the answer you’re looking for with regards to your accommodation problems. Owners making their property available for other people is nothing new to the timeshare industry. If you look up timeshare rentals online, you’ll see hundreds of them on the market.

As mentioned earlier, what causes owners to rent out their timeshare slots is that they sometimes aren’t able to go out on a holiday and use them themselves. 

Most timeshares have two variations: fixed and floating weeks. Fixed weeks are pre-set time blocks throughout the year buyers can choose from. Once the buyer picks a time block, the dates can't be changed anymore. On the other hand, floating weeks don’t have a set schedule. All the buyer needs to do is occupy the property for the agreed amount of time, and they can visit the timeshare anytime in the year after booking it.

Nonetheless, there are owners who are unable to use their timeshare. They usually resort to renting it out at a discounted price for someone available to take over the time block. With hundreds of other timeshares being rented, owners have to lower their prices to stay competitive.

Therefore, timeshare rentals aren’t just convenient, but they’re also cheaper than other accommodation options – the perfect combination for low-cost traveling

#2 Exclusive Amenities 

Other than having more room to spare, you can have access to exclusive amenities depending on what timeshare you rented from the owner. You could enjoy VIP features such as exclusive hotel rooms access, special meals, and more. On top of those perks, most timeshare companies and resorts would provide an extra layer of security to safeguard their clients and you can benefit from this too when choosing a timeshare rental. 

#3 Guaranteed Vacation Lodging

Fortunately, you have time blocks to choose from when selecting a timeshare rental. And with how many rentals there are in the second-hand timeshare market, you’re bound to find the right one in any season of the year. 

Even during peak seasons – when hotels at nearby beaches are packed full during the summer, or having the same happen to ski resorts in the winter season – you could enjoy a more than decent quality lodging at a great price deal as long as you discuss it with its owner.


Going on a vacation can be a stressful ordeal. Ensuring that several aspects of the trip like travel tickets, vacation budget, accommodations, trip itinerary, and many more are well sorted out is a whole lot to handle especially for novice vacation goers. Worry not for the feature above tackles timeshare rentals – a very helpful accommodation choice holiday seekers like you may consider to make your dream vacation possible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.