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3 Simple Steps for Booking an All-Inclusive Vacation

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Looking to book an all-inclusive vacation? These 3 simple tips will help walk you through that process!

Sometimes, it’s the smallest hurdles that keep you from crossing the most important finish lines. 

You can picture yourself lounging on the beach in some tropical paradise, sauntering over to the buffet for dinner and enjoying cocktails by a Tiki Torch-lit pool.

You can even picture packing for your grand adventure and hopping on the plane. But, for some reason, you can’t really picture how to book the darn thing. 

That’s totally fair. When booking an all-inclusive vacation, you want to know that you’ve procured the best deal possible and that you’ve booked the right accommodation.

Knowing where to start and what to do can be daunting. It’s a small hurdle, but it feels big. 

Don’t worry: you, and your dream vacation are going to be just fine. Follow these three simple steps for booking an all-inclusive vacation and you can start thinking about packing your bags!

3 Simple Steps for Booking an All-Inclusive Vacation

#1 Figure out Your Budget

Budgeting for all-inclusive vacations is far more straightforward than budgeting for other trips since everything you need is included in the single price.

Even still, you probably need to put together a budget for your vacation. The budget depends on a few factors: 

  • How much money do you have saved already? 
  • How much can you put away monthly?
  • And what is your timeframe for saving more? 

Let’s say you can reasonably squirrel away $800 a month, with $1000 saved already, and are planning on going in 6 months.

You’re looking at a budget of $5,800. That’s more than enough for a dream vacation, even if you’re taking the whole family!

And you can always make money while you are traveling too– that's what I do! It helps fund my spending habits 🙂

#2 Choose a Place that Suits Your Unique Tastes 

Not all destinations are alike. The culture, terra, temperature, cuisine, quality of beaches and popularity with other tourists, etc., change from place to place.

You have to ask yourself, therefore: what do you want from your vacation? Do you want scorching heat and a secluded beach? Do you want a popular spot focused on delicious food? What are your unique criteria? 

Further, not all all-inclusive resorts are the same. Yes, they tend mostly to be centered on the beach, but they vary in what amenities, activities and luxuries they offer.

Make a list of your must-have criteria for both the destination and resort before you start searching.

#3 Search Deals With an Online Travel Agent

Once you have both your budget and list of criteria ready, it’s now a matter of getting the best deal possible.

And the only way to do that reliably is to search an online travel deal curator. Deal curators like Travelzoo review large amounts of offers and vet them to select the most attractive deals.

This means that not only are Travelzoo's all-inclusive vacations perfectly priced, but they’re also high-quality. It takes the guesswork out of hunting for all-inclusive since you know you’re getting the best deal possible. 

It’s a simple three-step process. You create a budget, set your criteria and let the experts find you the most attractive deal. It’s a small hurdle, and hopefully, with the help of this article, you’ll have no trouble clearing it!

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