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4 Of The Most Lavish Ways To Travel On Vacation

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Usually, when we are booking our annual summer or winter getaway, we might think we are splurging too much if we add an extra week onto our all-inclusive stay, head somewhere a tad exotic like the Caribbean or book a culinary experience at a Michelin starred eatery. We check places like flighthub for the best deals ever and then we book our favorite destination.

However, if you truly want to add the ultimate experience to your once in a lifetime vacation, you need to consider the way you travel.

Long distances tend to mean flights and the cramped legroom, economy seating and anything but mouth-watering food can actually make you dread the first part of your vacation. Instead, you could consider a revolution in the way that you travel.

Admittedly, unless you are a multi-millionaire or your best friend has a fleet of private helicopters, this may not be a regular occurrence.

However, if you’re willing to save up and splash the cash for your wheels, wings or horsepower, you can add a touch of class and luxury to your vacation experience. Take a look at four of the most opulent ways to travel.

Take To The Skies

John Travolta has his own private jet so why shouldn’t you? Ok, so the Saturday Night Fever icon is also ridiculously famous, has made dozens of movies and is worth an obscene amount of money but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the opportunity to fly in luxury when you take to the skies.

Most people deem the height of luxury when flying as opting for first-class tickets. This way you can be sure of exceptional ergonomically designed seating, a bed, haute cuisine, and the most attentive customer service you’ve ever experienced in your life. You can even carry your luggage in style with luggage storage Gare de Lyon.

You don’t have to wait at crowded airport gates and can experience the less chaotic and more serene exclusive first-class lounges prior to stepping aboard your flight.

If you do want to go a step further, you might be tempted to look at a smaller plane for just you and your family. So, how much does it cost to charter a private jet? Not as much as you might think. If there’s enough of you escaping to sunnier climes, the cost of hiring a private flight can easily be cheaper than the cumulative cost of eight first-class tickets.

Choo Choo – All Aboard!

If the thought of venturing high above the clouds to get your luxury travel kicks doesn’t really fit the bill, then why not consider a spot of elegant first-class train travel. Railways across the world were, and still remain, a feat of human ingenuity.

From the 1800s, industrial revolutions across the globe saw railways being built at breakneck speed with towns and cities becoming more connected. Fast forward two hundred years or so and train travel has become big business for luxury travelers.

Agatha Christie wrote about a murder on the Orient Express. While the chances of meeting a grisly end aboard this masterful train are slim, you could enjoy the height of opulence as your first-class cabin aboard this train becomes your accommodation and transport for a week or more.

You will be able to look out of your window and take in the vistas between Paris and Istanbul. Stopping off along the way to experience the tastes, sounds, and scents of tourist hotspots, you can always return, safe in the knowledge that your luxury cabin is waiting.

The food is gourmet, your fellow passengers will also be basking in the art deco themed carriages, and you can enjoy the relaxation that train travel promotes.

Ahoy Captain

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a Russian oligarch to have access to a luxury yacht. Chartering a mammoth catamaran or a graceful yacht is simple especially if you’re heading to a destination where harbors are full of vessels ready to be hired.

Head to the Caribbean, the Balearics or St Tropez, and you can’t see the water for the amount of bright white flecks adorning the ocean. Obscenely more expensive than chartering a private jet, heading into the hundreds of thousands of dollars each week, a private yacht is the epitome of luxury.

You could choose to lease a yacht on a smaller scale rather than a three hundred foot long beast of a vessel. Sailing around the south coast of France for a week or two could be the most relaxing, luxurious and serene vacation you ever get to experience.

The Humble RV

If you’re much more of a home bunny and don’t deem it necessary to venture overseas for your vacation, a luxury motorhome could be for you. Taking a jaunt out onto the open road with your other half and kids can be a bonding experience.

However, it also runs the risk of being a struggle if you’re camping at sites that don’t have the best hygiene ratings, it rains non-stop for a fortnight or the kids get bored easily. To try and negate these factors, you should consider trading up and hiring the most luxurious RV that you can afford.

Often larger than a small house, RV motorhomes can be kitted out with the latest gizmos and gadgetry. They may have cinema style rooms, cable TV, wifi, a games room complete with a pool table and a kitchen that wouldn’t look out of place on MTV Cribs.

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The freedom that a motorhome can give you is immense, and you could allow your vacation to be spontaneous, heading to wherever the wind takes you. Whether it’s the national parks, coastline or Route 66 that you want to experience, a luxury RV can allow you to set off in style.

Experiencing a luxury vacation is a life-affirming experience. While you might not be able to stretch to the most opulent ways of traveling every year, you may be surprised how far your hard-earned money will stretch. Use these luxury travel ideas as inspiration the next time you are planning your annual family getaway.

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