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4 Pawsitively Perfect East Coast Destinations for You and Your Pooch

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These days, you may be one of the many relatively new people to remote working. If so, your pup has probably gotten used to having you at home most of the time and is likely loving it.

This presents an issue when you're planning on going on vacation. Do you leave your dog at home so you can miss one another like crazy? Fortunately, there are many great dog-friendly vacation destinations all over the United States.

Here are a few areas specifically on the east coast if you're looking to spend time at or near the Atlantic Ocean with your furry friend. 

1. St. Augustine, Florida

Florida has a seemingly endless amount of fun and exciting places to visit and things to do, from several options of cruises from Miami to the white, sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the Gulf coast. Finding a dog-friendly vacation destination is always a little more challenging, but you will not be disappointed checking out St. Augustine with your pooch. Unlike many coastal destinations, this city allows leashed dogs on all but one of its beaches (i.e., Anastasia State Park).

There are many accommodations, from hotels to private rentals, that will welcome your canine companion with open arms (and maybe even complimentary treats). Your dog probably can't verbalize how it wants to spend vacation time, but there's a good chance it will thoroughly enjoy a romp around a dog park. St. Augustine has several city parks; two well-known for their dedicated dog areas are Ron Baker Park and Treaty Park.

As if all this isn't enough, several St. Augustine tourist attractions also allow dogs. Take Fido on a St. Augustine Scenic Cruise or get some exercise while learning about this fascinating city's past on the St. Augustine Historic Walking Tour. 

2. Provincetown, Massachusetts

Thought of as one of the most dog-friendly cities vacation destinations in the United States, Provincetown, Massachusetts is sure to provide you and your furbaby with an unforgettable trip. Provincetown features the only dog-friendly beach in Cape Cod, where you are allowed to let your dog run off-leash. Pet-friendly accommodations are plentiful in this area.

You and your furry pal will never get bored, whether you enjoy spending the day at the beach, hiking, and exploring all that this area has to offer, such as whale and seal watching, wildlife viewing, and seeing the beautiful lighthouse at the tip of the peninsula. 

3. Outer Banks, North Carolina

You will enjoy experiencing North Carolina's beautiful Outer Banks beaches any time of the year. During the summer months, pets are a little more restricted than the off-season, but the off-season can also provide more comfortable weather since it can get sweltering during the peak of the summer season.

However, if you want to visit during the tourist season, you can still take your pup to most beaches leashed before 9 am and after 5 pm. The pet-friendly accommodation options are also plentiful. 

4. Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine, offers beautiful scenery, delicious Maine lobster, and outdoor activities of all kinds. There are plenty of places in this area that will welcome you and your canine companion. You won't have to fear not finding a place to stay or stress over leaving your dog while you go on adventures alone. Tour options like the Island Explorer bus and Sea Princess Scenic Nature Cruises, and Bunker Mail Boat Ferry will allow your dog to come with you.

If you and your pooch love the outdoors, this is the destination for you, and you can do practically everything together, whether hiking, swimming, camping, or even kayaking. Acadia National Park is just one great place for you and Fido to grab some quality time together. There is even a dedicated leash-free area for dogs in the park at Little Long Pond. When you're ready to chow down after a long day of play, you will discover how easy it is to find dog-friendly restaurants. 

Today is the day to begin planning for your next vacation. Find the dog-friendly area of your dreams and surprise your pooch with a long road trip leading to loads of fun and adventure. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.