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5 Experiences You Must Try on Your Romantic Playa del Carmen Getaway

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Whether you are celebrating your honeymoon, your anniversary, or need a break together, the beaches of Mexico are stunningly beautiful and relaxing. A romantic vacation on the beach is a stress-free way to soak in the sun and provide quality alone time with your partner.

Having shared experiences with the one you love is bonding and can rebuild a connection. There are so many special moments to experience in the waters of Mexico.

To end the perfect beach day, you can book a sunset cruise in Playa del Carmen by Moana or other boat booking companies. You can enjoy dinner and a view with the person you love most. Here are five other romantic activities to do on the beaches of Mexico before sunset:

1. Watch the sunrise 

Since the sunrises early in the morning, it is not an experience most couples get to have together. But watching the big ball of sunshine magnificent colors into the sky is a refreshing way to start the day. It is even more gorgeous to watch the sunrise as the colors reflect on the waters of Playa del Carmen, turning your whole view into a world of colorful magic. 


Watching the sunrise with your companion and a big cup of coffee will give you a sense of peace and serenity. You both will feel accomplished and ready to tackle the rest of the day ahead.

2. Rent a kayak or canoe

After watching the sunrise, you and your partner will be energized to have an outdoor excursion. You can share a kayak or canoe and paddle out onto the calm ocean. Working together to paddle as a team is very bonding and rewarding for a couple.

There are plenty of options to rent a kayak, and one of the coolest choices is a kayak with a glass bottom. With a glass-bottom kayak, you can see everything in the water below you, and it will feel like you are in the water without getting wet. 

3. Go snorkeling 

Not only does Playa del Carmen look exquisite above the water, but the ocean itself is also home to strikingly-gorgeous coral reefs with exotic fish, including stingrays and turtles. Sharing an underwater experience is exciting and adventurous to do with your partner. 

There are many Playa del Carmen spots to go snorkeling, such as Paradise Reef, Villablanca Gardens Reef, and Dzul-Ha Reef. If you take a Cozumel Reef snorkeling tour, you will be boated out to the different reefs and have the opportunity to snorkel among the coral and breathtaking marine life. 

4. Drink fruity cocktails by the water

After an adventurous morning, it is time to relax with a yummy cocktail in hand. Loosening up on the beach is a romantic afternoon activity. You and your partner should pick your favorite fruity drinks to sip by the water.

You should lie back on a reclined chair and bathe in the warm sunlight and sublime view of Playa del Carmen. 

5. A long walk down the coast

Before dinner, taking a walk down the Mexican coastline will feel lovely and invigorating. Walking is a perfect exercise to spend with someone you love.

You and your partner can walk and talk about the amazing day and plan for the next adventures to follow. And make sure to wear sunscreen and a wide brim hat to protect yourself from the sun. 


The beaches of Mexico are spectacular and even more sensational when spent with your partner. You can spend special quality time with your companion by doing these unforgettable activities and finishing the day with a charming sunset together.

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