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5 Fun Road Trip Games for Adults

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Road trips are an exciting yet inexpensive way of spending valuable and fun-filled time with friends and family. However, after some time, when the excitement wears off, the silence among fellow travelers can ruin the very essence of the trip, especially when there are no kids along.

This is where fun road trip games for adults come into the picture. These games are the best means to stay away from tabloids and screens, keeping you entertained for a long time. Also, these games help you get closer to your fellow travelers and spend quality time together. 

Various games are available for the purpose, designed especially for grown-ups, such as adult card games. The need remains to select the best one as per your interests and the time consumed.

Amazing Road Trip Games for Adults

Let us walk through some exciting road trip games designed for adults to get complete entertainment and eliminate boredom.

 21 Questions

This is an exciting game that is based on clues and guesswork. Per the game, one of the travelers needs to think of anything, a place or person. Now, other travelers get 21 questions to guess what the person is thinking about.

However, one question can be asked only once based on the hints given by the person. Travelers need to run their imagination and think of all sorts of things, objects, or people to make the game more enjoyable. 

The traveler who can guess the answer correctly will be declared the winner, start the next round, and think of any object, thing, or person. 

We are Going to a Picnic

The next game adults can play is “we are going to a picnic”. This game is based on your memory skills and requires a person to start the game. The initiator begins the game with the sentence, ‘I am going to a picnic, and I will bring….' He names a thing he would like to bring. 

The following person repeats the sentence and adds to the list of things he would bring. However, the catch is that the second person needs to add his item to the first person's list. With each player adding to the list, it keeps growing and growing. 

As the game moves forward, the person unable to repeat the entire list correctly will be declared the loser. 

Fiction Families

This is an exciting game that tests the creative powers of travelers. According to this game, travelers must observe the vehicle sharing the road and have a good look at the people sitting in the vehicle. 

Now, every person needs to give input about creating an imaginary story regarding the vehicle's occupants. These inputs could include how these occupants relate to each other, where they are going, what kind of occupation they are in, and what they are talking about.

Travelers can give any direction to the story, such as comic, horror, or mystery.


Trivia games never fail to entertain, no matter what the occasion. The best part of the game is that you can easily design the game as per your own rules. Per the game, one person is designated to ask trivia questions about the area they are visiting.

The person designated to ask questions can use the Internet to form a kind of quiz about the area. Every person who answers correctly will be awarded one point. In the end, the person with the highest number of points wins the game and can ask questions in the next round.

The License Plate Game

As the name suggests, the game revolves around license plates. The game's motive is to find the maximum number of license plates related to a particular state or country. 

As per the game, people have to look at the license plates of their fellow cars on the road. The person who can guess the maximum number of correct license plates is declared the winner of the game.

Final Words

Road trips are always fun and can be the perfect time to bond well with fellow travelers. However, long journeys can get boring when you get over all the topics to discuss. This is where fun-filled road trip games come into the picture. So, use these games and make your road trips all the more exciting. Happy traveling!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.