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5 Holiday Parades You Won’t Want to Miss

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One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch all the parades going on — whether it be on television or in person. Holiday parades have long since been a huge part of my childhood, so this year, my family and I are gearing up for 5 special parades.

5 Holiday Parades

For as long as I can remember, holiday parades have been a huge part of my life. I can remember bundling up early in December, and then my mom and dad taking me to our main street in town as we watched all the bands playing and the Christmas floats coming through.

When I got older, I joined band just so I could be a part of Christmas parade.

Then I grew up and had kids and I have passed on my love of parades to them. In fact, we are getting ready to head to Gatlinburg for a few days to catch their parade (which I will tell you about below).

5 Holiday Parades You Will Not Want to Miss

1. Fantasy of Lights in Gatlinburg, TN

Fantasy of Lights

I am really excited about going and visiting Gatlinburg during the holidays. I have been to only day parades and this will be my very first night parade! The Fantasy of Lights parade is so popular that over 60,000 people come to see this parade — and this year, they even have bleacher seats available if you want to purchase them.

2. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


For as long as I can remember, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a part of my life. One of these days I will attend this parade in person, but I will be piling up on my couch in the morning at 9 a.m. to watch the festivities kick off!

3. Dicken's Christmas Parade in Benton, KY

Dickens Christmas

Now, this is one that I am partial to. I live in this area and I have for 4 years, and I have YET to go to this parade, but I fully intend to this year.

The whole town gets involved and our downtown area is decorated up just like you stepped into a Charles Dicken's Christmas Carol.

4. Paducah, KY Christmas Parade

Paducah Christmas Parade

Another fun Christmas parade in our area is the Paducah, KY Christmas Parade. It is a night parade full of beautiful floats and energizing bands.

After the parade is over, you can drive to Noble Park and take in the Christmas lights. If you are feeling really festive this year, you can take a ride through the park in the horse driven sleigh.

5. Nashville Christmas Parade

Nashville Christmas parade

Since Nashville is known as the Country Music Capitol, I would love to visit their Christmas Parade. I am sure they fill it with tons of musical numbers and more. It will be on Dec 5th this year at 10am that morning.

This parade draws huge crowds every year, and I am sure it will be amazing!

I may not get to visit all of these parades this season, but I am going to do my best to try to be at as many as I can!

What parade are you excited about seeing this year?

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Saturday 28th of November 2015

It would be so nice to head to Nashville for the holidays. It's on my travel bucket list for sure!

Onica {Mommy Factor}

Friday 27th of November 2015

We really love to watch this kind of parade. My kiddos really enjoyed watching it. This brings a lot of fun.

Seattle Travel Blogger

Thursday 26th of November 2015

I would love to see the one in Nashville. I love a good parade!

Brett Martin

Thursday 26th of November 2015

I think the Fantasy of Lights in Gatlinburg sounds really pretty. Of course, our family favorite is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Janis @MommyblogExpert

Thursday 26th of November 2015

Great parade roundup, those all sound worth going to. Macy's, of course, is the original Thanksgiving parade that has inspired all others. My Daddy used to take me to that one in NYC when I was a kid and I remember it to this very day. Sorry I'm now on the West Coast so wasn't able to attend this year.

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