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5 Study Room Ideas for your Child or Teen’s online lessons

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The coronavirus pandemic has disturbed many aspects of our everyday lives. For many children and teens, keeping up with their academic studies must be a priority while schools are closed due to lockdown.

Most schools are now implementing online lessons and setting their students homework to do at home. Obviously, you’ll want to make studying from home as effective as possible for your child or teen, that’s why this article is here to give you five helpful tips and suggestions for setting up a homework station in your house.

 Location: finding the right place for your study room

With many students being sent home due to the lockdown, from universities as well as schools, most households will be considerably louder and busier. With that in mind, try to find the quietest, most secluded room in your house for setting up a homework station.

Not only will this afford your child some personal space, but it will minimize unwanted distractions during their online lessons. You’ll want to find a room big enough for a desk and chair, preferably away from noisy, communal areas. A quiet, distraction-free workspace is vital for helping your child make the most of their own revision as well as their online lessons. 

Homework desk ideas: choosing the right desk

The right desk is essential for making your child, or teen’s workspace effective for homework and virtual lessons. You could obviously buy a desk off amazon, or if your skilled at carpentry you could make your own diy children’s desk.

You may want a desk with an inbuilt lid and storage space, or maybe one with drawers and shelves for storing files and textbooks in between sessions. Storage of any kind is useful for keeping your child’s homework all in one place, which will maximize efficiency and organization.

The desk you choose should obviously be the right size to fit in your chosen room, sturdy, and offer enough space to fit a computer/ laptop and a book while still leaving enough space for writing and note-taking. 

Your computer station needs a computer and a stable internet connection

Bear in mind, that lessons, assignments, and homework during the era of Covid-19 are all going to be online. So, a functioning computer or laptop with a stable internet connection is absolutely essential for any homework station. Let’s say your teen has to start preparing their UCAS personal statement but isn’t the best writer.

The internet allows your child to get help from their teachers and supervisors via email, or even google docs if they want to work on the statement together. Your teen will also be able to find useful guides on how to write the best personal statements, or if they are really stuck, they could hire a personal statement writing service.

Whether it’s a personal statement, homework, or an online assignment, it’s worth making sure your computer station has the potential for an ethernet connection. This will prevent technical issues and ensure your child gets the most out of their online lessons.

Get your teen a nice mug

That may seem an absurd statement for an article about study room ideas. But ask any writer and they will confirm that there is nothing better for getting work done than a nice warm beverage.

Coffee, or tea if you’re from the UK, is perfect for getting yourself into the right mindset for work and will help your teen focus. Obviously, this advice is only for older students doing GCSE’s and A-levels.

For your younger children, a glass of juice or squash will be great for motivating them through homework and helping them feel comfortable at their homework station. 

Invest in a Blackboard or work planner

Having a large calendar, work planner, or even better, a blackboard will keep your child organized. The organization is vital for effective revision and work. If you have the space for a small blackboard it is the best option as they are easy to service and rub out when necessary.

If your house is very full during the pandemic, a quiet, private space for working will be much sought after, so create a schedule. A schedule will help everyone in your house know when the study room is free or occupied and allow your whole family to make use of it when they need.

These five homework station ideas will help your child to get the most out of their online lessons during the coronavirus pandemic. Creating a suitable workspace will help prevent your child or teen from falling behind in their studies and could also prove valuable to anyone else in your household who has to work from home.  

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