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5 Things to Do When Traveling with Allergies

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If you’re traveling with allergies, you’re going to face quite a dilemma. You could easily get sick on your trip.

This is the unfortunate truth, but thankfully, there is a range of things you can do to ensure the smoothest possible experience. We’ve discussed these points below, so read ahead. 

Always Carry an Epi-pen 

An Epi-pen is a life-saver, literally. Whatever you do, do not leave your home without it. You should carry many of them at once. Make sure it’s the dose you need. Otherwise, the adrenaline would have no effect on you. 

When flying with an epi-pen, don’t take it out of its original packaging. When you’re getting checked at the airport, there might be an issue. 

Have A Mask 

If you have a nasal allergy, the slightest bit of dust and pollen would set you off. The best thing to do is to wear a mask when traveling. Make sure that the protective masks are secure.  Some manufacturers make them loosely, which is why dust can get inside with ease. 

Speaking of dust, you don’t want it on your hands either. You could accidentally rub your nose, letting it get inside your nasal passage. This is why regularly washing your hands is a must. However, you’re traveling, so something like Germs Be Gone – hand sanitizers would work well. 

Travel When It’s Right 

Speaking of nasal allergies, only fly when it’s the right time. You can’t handle pollen, yet you’re visiting the country when it’s their pollen season. Finding information like this is easy. All you have to do is check online. You’ll probably find travelers who’ve been to the location talking about this, usually on forums. 

Carry A Bag of Supplies 

You’ll need a bag of medicine, too. This includes all the supplies you need to handle your allergies. Make sure you’ve stocked up as you don’t want it to run out. The bag should be spacious. This would let you bring more things. 

Most importantly, the bag should be easy to carry around. Remember that you’re on the road, so having something bulky won’t be the most convenient. 

Just like the epi-pen, make sure your medications are in their original packaging. When getting checked, you’ll run into trouble otherwise. 

Carry Your Own Snacks 

Food allergies are tedious. You may not be able to handle a range of foods. Unfortunately, the airline may serve food that you may not be able to eat. Although you may have specified your allergies, they can mess up if you’re allergic to many things. 

If your food allergies are severe, make sure to bring your own snacks. You can easily place them in your carry-on. 

When you’re in the country, you’ll have to be very specific about what you eat. Try and cook whenever you can, but if not, look for places that are safe to eat from online. 


To sum things up, traveling with allergies is not easy. You’ll have to bring supplies with you. This would include all of your medication. Ensure that they’re in their original packaging. Otherwise, you’ll have a problem at security. And if you need an epi-pen, make sure you have multiples. 

Of course, don’t travel when it’s pollen season. This depends on the country, so make a note if you have nasal allergies. Last but not least, try and bring your own snacks. Although the airline may accommodate you, they might not be able to if you’re allergic to a range of foods.

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