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5 Things You Need in Your First Apartment

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You have finally moved out on your own, so congrats on your first place! This is such an exciting time and everyone is going to be so thrilled for you!

Though it is exciting, it can also be stressful and it can get overwhelming! Don’t worry, we are here for you.

So, now that you have made your first meal, organized most of your spaces, and have started to really make your apartment your very own, it is time to start adding a few things here and there to help you settle in fully.

Though each person is unique in the things they need and use in their space, we have 5 items that are sure to be good for everyone!

1. Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a great way to decorate outside your door, welcome guests, and, most importantly, keep your floors clean (trust us, you will want that security deposit back).

Since you are out on your own now, no need to stick with traditional doormats. Go for one that shows your personality and gives your guests a good laugh when they come to your apartment warming party. If your place isn’t ready for guests yet, a funny mat will give you and the delivery people a good laugh at least! 

2. Kitchen Accessories

Alright, we know how it goes. You have cooked at your house for years, or someone has cooked for you, so you have no idea where to start when it comes to what you need in the kitchen.

Well, OXO has all the best kitchen utensils! From egg beaters to spatulas to tongs to peelers, OXO will cover any kitchen task! They truly have it all when it comes to kitchen needs. Plus, they are high-quality and affordable items that will last you well into your next place!

Though, if you aren’t satisfied right away, their satisfaction guarantee will ensure that you get a replacement item or a refund. Talk about amazing customer service!

3. Fire Extinguisher

Even though you don’t plan on cooking/baking/burning candles unsafely, things happen and it is best to be prepared now that you are out on your own.

Having a fire extinguisher on hand can help to stop accidents before they get out of control. This is a good item to keep in the cabinet under your sink, that way it is easily accessible in case of emergency.

If you would rather keep it somewhere else, feel free to do so. Just remember to keep it in a place that you can get to it at a moment’s notice. If you are unsure on how to use it, YouTube has amazing tutorials to watch, to prepare you if the day comes to use it!

4. Throw Pillows

Part of making your place a home is adding décor! Minted has the cutest throw pillows to add accents to your couch, chair, bed, or even to your floor (just in case you haven’t invested in a couch yet).

They have so many options they are sure to have one that will fit the overall aesthetic of your new place! If you don’t have a specific color scheme or design you are using for your place, let the accent pillow inspire you!

5. Plants

Since you are flying solo now, you might feel like it is time to take on the responsibility of another life. We know you want a pet, but take it slowly and allow yourself to work your way to that.

A great way to start is with plants! There are so many easily manageable house plants to add to your place! And, you can have The Sill deliver plants right to your (new!) doorstep.

Whether you go for succulents or bamboo, adding plants to your place will give it new life and add to its freshness. Just be sure to give them the care and attention they deserve!

Alright, now that you have a few more items to make your place more your own, feel free to relax, kick your feet up, have a delicious drink, and enjoy your new place! It will feel more and more like home as the days pass! Enjoy!

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