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5 Tips to Save on Flight Costs

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Now that I blog for a living, I am all the time flying somewhere new. I have been to New York, California, Ohio, Texas, and Georgia. Some of these trips have been paid for, and some I have had to pay for myself, so I have found a few tips and tricks to cut the price of my airline ticket so that I stay within my budget. Here are 5 tips to save on flight costs that will help you the next time you are traveling somewhere.

Save Money on Your Next Flight

5 Tips to Save on Flight Costs

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

The first tip I want to share with you is this — plan! I never just go on a whim, buy a plane ticket, and then go for it. I try very hard to plan out my trip as best as I can — where am I going, who has the best flight deals, etc. I keep a notebook or journal and write down all the places I want to go — even places like Aruba, then I start doing research to find out which place has the most inexpensive airline tickets.

2. Sign up for Email alerts from Airlines

One way that I have started saving on my airline tickets is by signing up for email alerts. Anytime the airline has special deals going on, they will email you. In fact, I am going to be going to Type-A Conference in September and I got my airline ticket — round trip to Atlanta and back for a total of $150. Yes — that to me is a major score!

Some of my favorite Airlines are Southwest, Delta, and United. I very seldom ever find deals for United, but I can always count on Southwest to come through for me when I need to fly somewhere.

3. Figure out the best days to purchase tickets

The best days to purchase tickets online are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. You will get lower airfare these days than you will any other time. Also — Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are the cheapest days to fly. If your plans allow for this it’s a great way to save big.

4. Which Airline offers free checked bags?

You can save yourself a little more money by choosing an airline that offers free checked bags. Southwest allows 2 bags to be checked for free (which is why I fly with them so often). If these airlines aren’t available or you just prefer not to travel with them there are other options. Many credit cards offer travel perks like:

  • American Express SkyMiles – Carriers of this card get 1 free checked bag with Delta Air Lines
  • Chase Presidential Plus – Carriers of this card get 2 free checked bags with Continental Airlines
  • Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage – Carriers of this card get 1 free checked bag with American Airlines

If you can’t get around the checked baggage fees you can pack as much as possible into your carry-on’s to allow for less baggage to check.

5. Check the online sites like Kayak and more

Many of the companies that I do PR for that send me on press trips use places like Kayak, Priceline, Travelocity and more to find the lowest airfare. They do all the work for you, checking to see who can get the best price. One of my favorites is Priceline because you can name your own price. My niece used them when she was flying in for my mother's funeral and she got tickets for her and her husband for less than $100 each, so don't be afraid to try it out. You never know — you might get an amazing deal!

Tell Me: What tips do you have to save big on flight costs?

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