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6 Reasons Mykonos is the most worshiped island in the world

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Everybody has heard of Mykonos and what makes it an irresistible vacation destination. Here are six reasons that justify its reputation as a party mecca! It's a favorite fun fair for both the blue-blooded and “humble mortals” of this planet.

1. Mykonos combines the best of two worlds

This beautiful oasis holds on tight to its Greek island authenticity. They've kept the Cycladic landscape and beautiful whitewashed architecture intact and unspoiled throughout the centuries.

This hot destination welcomes guests with the hospitality Greece is so notorious for. It's also a place of pure and ultimate freedom. Here, everyday life rules as we know them get suspended.

Here you will find an inviting escape from tourists’ work-centered routines. Mykonos offers a lifestyle that either aligns perfectly with what you are used to back at home or completely breaks every norm. Hippy, bohemian, regal, or otherwise, you choose the color and flair of your vacations here.

2. Mykonos enchants with its nightlife

Mykonos has a vibrant party scene. The parties are legendary and epic. You can party until the early wee hours by joining one of the iconic beach clubs like Super Paradise. The DJs amplify your evening and night ventures with loud music and beats.

If that is not your scene, you can choose precisely the type of festivities and party experience you desire. If you would rather have a more relaxed evening, visit Little Venice, which is perfectly suited for such endeavors.

Lined with colorful, wooden houses operating as bars, clubs, and restaurants, this beachfront neighborhood is the ideal place to watch the most romantic sunset views. Do it while delighting in a delicious cocktail or nice dinner.

3. Mykonos is a blessed land on

This beautiful place is called The Queen of the Cyclades. The beaches are covered with fine sand, powdery shores, crystalline, and cobalt waters.

They have more than 290 days of sunshine annually with great weather almost year-round. Because of the nice weather, you can stroll along the old harbor. Be like a local and get ouzo shots at a kafeneio.

Or, make a visit with Peter the Pelican (the island’s mascot for the past few decades). Whatever you choose, let yourself soak up the radiant rays of the invigorating Mediterranean sun.

4. Mykonos’ gastronomy will totally spoil your palate

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest (if not the healthiest) ways of eating in this world.

The local cuisine has the best of the Mediterranean diet. Sample mouth-watering dishes where extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, vegetables, and beans are the stars.

From the beachfront and family-run taverns to the elegant restaurants of Mykonos Town. No matter what you choose, great food is widely honored here.

Local treats include a wide variety of local cheeses, such as spicy kopanisti cheese, pork-made Souza sausages, and authentic Greek staples like pastitsio and moussaka.

Try the seafood dishes like grilled octopus and freshly caught fish, which pair fantastically with ouzo and local wine. As for those with a sweet tooth, amygdala (traditional almond cookies) and baklava are just some of the desserts to complete an already exceptional dining experience.

5. Luxury and pampering

Once a fishing village with very few residents, Mykonos became a playground for the wealthy and fashionable in the 1950s. Ever since it has evolved into the most cosmopolitan island in the Mediterranean.

Nothing is too far-fetched here and no desire is left unattended or unfulfilled, no matter how far on the wish scale it really is. VIP services and amenities characterize every single aspect of the Mykonos lifestyle, pleasing those used to royal treatments to the bone.

Of course, this unsurpassed splendor and lavishness are depicted in its price tags. To give you an idea, we contacted which specializes in luxury rental properties and elite concierge services, they informed us that renting a Mykonos villa can exceed $10,000 per night, while a burger can cost up to $170, according to

6. Mykonos’ sibling overwhelms with its spiritual energy

Little did Mykonos know that it would owe its huge fame to its neighboring cousin, Delos, back in the 1930s, when archaeologists admitted being flabbergasted by the archaeological findings in Delos, right before discovering the intoxicating feel and atmosphere of Mykonos! In some way, Mykonos and Delos are uniquely combined, exchanging different types of energy, each adding to the overall Mykonos experience. This is probably why it is almost impossible to visit Mykonos and not sail toward Delos at least for a few hours.

Once a spiritual center with extensive significance in the ancient world, Delos is the land where you can lay eyes on beautiful temples dedicated to Apollo, the ancient Greek God of Light and Music, as well as his twin sister, Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. Among others, you are also greeted with sites like the iconic Lions’ Gate and the Sacred Lake, while you have the opportunity to recharge your batteries and get ready for your next Mykonos venture.

Still not convinced? Perhaps it’s time to plan a Mykonos vacation next summer. Chances are you will be adding countless more reasons to this list right after you take your first step there! Enjoy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.