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8 Amazing Countries For Remote Workers

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Remote job opportunities are making their mark on the way we think about work. Now that we are no longer chained to a desk or specific location in many cases, where we live becomes a matter of choice instead of necessity, opening the door to the possibility of working from anywhere.

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1. Australia

In a recent study about the best places to work remotely, Forbes published Remote's findings revealing Sydney, Australia's ranking on a shortlist of four places offering the best quality of life for remote workers. With its stunning beaches, vibrant city life, and abundance of outdoor activities, Sydney is an ideal destination for those seeking a healthy work-life balance.

Moreover, renting a yacht and exploring the stunning harbor is a unique way to enjoy the city's natural beauty while taking a break from work.

Once you've decided on Australia, then it's time to do the paperwork. It makes sense to use the Australian Immigration Agency to ensure that all the legal requirements are met. Moving to a different country is complicated and requires the assistance of experts.

2. Spain

Thrillist reports that Spain's self-employment visa is perfect for entrepreneurs and freelancers seeking adventure. The warm temperatures and affordability of Spain equate to almost limitless possibilities to explore the country. Cheap public transportation and unbelievably low dining and drinking prices make it easy to explore the seven islands and experience the local cuisine.

The most popular remote worker destinations are Barcelona, Madrid, and Park Guell.

3. Germany

While Germany is known worldwide for its beer and memorable ski resorts, it is also becoming a hotspot for remote workers. In particular, Berlin is a place to consider as a viable destination for your next adventure. An added perk is that most Germans speak English, making it easy to connect with new friends, peers, and work professionals.

When compared to other Western European countries and cities, Berlin stands out as an affordable alternative. With about 170 museums and many beautiful lakes, this pocket of the world compares favorably to any major European metropolis.

4. Portugal

Portugal has something for everyone. Whether you are more interested in urban cities, beaches, or lush vegetation, you'll find what you're looking for in this affordable country. Be forewarned though, The paperwork will take some time and should not be put off until the last minute.

Applicants must register as a freelancer. It helps if you already have Portuguese clients. Workers with skills in high demand are more likely to be given a visa for temporary residence.

5. Ireland

Ireland is a particularly attractive spot for U.S. ex-pats. The Silicon Republic recommends the cities of Ballina, Killarney, Galway, and Killarney as excellent destinations for remote workers. It is also worth mentioning that Remote named Dublin as a top remote working locale in its recent survey that was published by Forbes.

Affordable property values, safety, possible U.S. ancestry, and good schools are four of the main reasons families prefer Ireland.

6. New Zealand

Remote's survey of Top Ten Remote Working Places ranked Auckland, New Zealand on that list with an added distinction as providing the best quality of life. NerdWallet suggests Queenstown due to its incredibly low crime rate. With affordable public transportation and opportunities galore for thrill seekers interested in skydiving and bungee jumping, New Zealand has a lot to offer.

7. Canada

Ranked as one of the top three most open-minded places on the Top Ten List of recommended remote living locales mentioned in Remote's survey, Toronto, Canada deserves your serious consideration. As if that isn't impressive enough, Narcity Media published WorkMotion's finding that Canada is home to three of the best remote working cities in the world. The top three cities mentioned are Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

8. The Netherlands

While the Netherlands is considered expensive, it is still a contender for many. The country is known for fast mobile internet speeds and an enviable happiness ranking. The main drawback is high rent prices. It is also worth mentioning that Amsterdam ranked as one of the most open-minded places on the Top Ten list, respectively. 

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