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A Guide to Make Your Next Family Trip Travelogue Better

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We all love looking at the pictures from the trips that we took in our childhood. But don’t you think it would be great if you could not just see the snaps but also some clips from the amazing trip so that you could cherish those memories in a better way?

Family trips are always unique, and by filming those special moments, you could easily relive those fondest moments even after a long time. 

But this certainly does not mean you would have to invest a lot of money into getting professional video cameras with the best cinematographic features. To capture the happy moments, the device you are using does not matter. 

And with the tips mentioned below, you can easily film the best travelogue for your next family trip.

8 Tips To Film A Travelogue From Your Next Family Trip

So, here are some of the tips that will help you film an amazing travelogue from your next family trip – 

Capture Candid and Genuine Clips 

Do you like watching movies where the actors seem too pretentious? That is exactly what you should keep in mind while shooting your travelogue. 

Try to capture as genuine and candid moments as you can. Capture real emotions, smiles, laughter, and even moments when your kids cry. 

Here’s a pro tip for you: as soon as you reach the destination, keep your camera ready to get the first reaction from your kids. This way, you will be able to get their genuine reactions and get perfect shots for your travelogue. 

Capture Shots from Any Devices You Find Near You

It does not matter if you carry a DSLR with an amazing lens; your only aim should be to capture the perfect moment with any device. There will be times when you want to capture a moment that you will cherish for life, but you do not have your DSLR near you. 

Do not let go of such a precious moment just because you don't have the perfect camera with you. 

Of course, different cameras have different resolutions and video quality, but you can always fix these issues with some tools. Apart from that, your travelogue should not just be about your kids. Rather, let them be the ones filming videos of you and your partner. 

Focus on Shooting Short Clips

You might think that the best way to capture all the moments is by filming continuously. But believe me, if you keep capturing longer videos, you will feel sluggish to watch the full video later just to find out one right moment from it.

So, it is always better to capture short yet meaningful clips that you can mix and edit easily, later on, to make one travelogue from your vacation. Aim for videos that will last somewhere between 30 seconds to 60 seconds. 

Take Shots of the Places You Are Visiting 

A travelogue must not just be about the people you are traveling with; it must also contain clips of the places you visit. This will not be that hard. Just take out your camera and capture a clip of a few seconds of the touristy destination you have reached. 

Furthermore, do not just capture the videos of the destination, but also capture videos of other things like waiting at the airport, the amazing food that you are eating, the shops that you are visiting, the local people you are meeting, and even the unique things about that particular destination. 

For example, if you are visiting London during Christmas, your videos must not just include clips of your kids singing carols or opening gifts. Rather try to include the lighted-up streets of London and the double-decker buses on the London roads.

Try to get a lot of diverse shots so that later when you sit to edit your travelogue, you have a lot of interesting clips with you. 

The More You Shoot, the Better Memories You Capture

Another important thing you must remember while shooting your videos is that the more you shoot, the better memories you capture. Do not stop yourself from shooting just because you think you already have many videos. 

Having a lot of footage is a good thing. If you are confused about whether you should shoot or shouldn’t, always choose to shoot. This will save you from regretting it later on. 

But remember to choose how you want your footage to be – vertical or horizontal and capture all your videos accordingly. 

Combine Your Travelogues in a Meaningful Way

If you think capturing the right moments while traveling is the most difficult part, then you are completely wrong. Once you have got all the clips, choosing the right ones and making a perfect travelogue is the most difficult task. 

No matter how much you try, you might always feel like you are missing out on some of the best moments and feel like adding more clips. Editing the travelogue can also be a task. 

So, before you cut to make your video, have a clear idea about the story you want your travelogue to portray. This will help you edit your videos in a meaningful way. For the best results, you can use a video editor. Also, to finish the travelogue perfectly you need a good outro for an ending.

With the help of outro background templates, you can end the video on a positive note.

Carry a Waterproof Camera Case

If you are traveling to a beach, make sure to carry a protective waterproof cover for your camera. This will save your camera from getting destroyed. 

Apart from that, you can also get a little more creative and take underwater shots if you have waterproof camera covers. 

Not just having such covers will help you take shots in rain and snowfall without having to worry about your camera. 

Take Interviews

If you want to make your travelogues even more interesting, try to take random interviews of your family members. Capture the moments but ask them, “So, how are you feeling?”. Answers to such questions are always very interesting.

This video can even turn out to be more fun when you ask such questions to your kids because they will always have something amazing to say.

Bottom Line

Making amazing videos is an art. To get better at it, you will need to keep practicing, researching about taking better shots, and believing in the trial and error process. 

You can also use online editing tools to create stunning videos to get your work done easily. They usually come with good templates, music, transitions, and filters, so you can edit your travelogue the way you want. 

Ready for a trip? Plan and shoot a travelogue today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.