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A Simple 1-Day Meal Plan to Reduce Potbelly

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It's no secret that many men and women grapple with the belly fat problem. This can be attributed to their lifestyles, which may be characterized by a poor diet, stress, and sedentariness. If you are reading this, chances are that you seek some clues on how to get rid of too much fat around your belly.

To that end, congratulations on coming to the right place. Here, you'll learn about a 3-day fat-burning diet plan you can follow to see that unpleasant potbelly go away. Without further ado, let's get the ball rolling:

According to health experts, human beings should consume between 1600 and 3000 calories per day, depending on one's stage of life(e.g childhood or adulthood), gender(e.g male or female), and activeness(physically).

For example, adult men should take between 2,000 and 3,000 calories daily. Adult women should consume between 1600 and 2400 calories daily. Within each age and sex category, the high end of the range is for active people while the low end is for sedentary people.

In this 1-day, fat-burning meal plan, you want to stick to the low ends of the recommended daily calorie intake ranges, of course, depending on your gender and physical activeness.

1. Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals in a day as it serves as your first source of energy and nutrition for the day. As such, you want to ensure that your breakfast consists of more calories than the rest of the meals do. It should be either 600 calories(for women) or 800 calories(for men).

i. For Women(600 calories): A 600-calorie breakfast would look like this;

a. 1 cup of oats = 300 calories.

b.1 grapefruit = 100 calories.

c. 2 egg whites= 40 calores.

d. 1 cup of your favorite yogurt = 76 calories.

e. 1 cup of blue berries= 83 calories.

Total calories=599

ii. For Men(800 calories): Below is an idea for an 800-calorie breakfast:

a. 1 serving breakfast sandwich made up of; 2 egg whites, 1 large egg, 4 slices of grain wheat bread, 1 oz extra sharp cheddar 1.5 tbsp of Miracle whip( a type of thick white sauce with a sweet & sour taste, used on sandwiches and salads)=202 calories.

b. 100 grams baked pork= 242 calories.

c. 1 cup of Cream of Wheat Cereals porridge=125 calories.

d. 1 cup blueberries= 85 calories.

e. 200 grams raw brussels sprout with an average-sized tomato; 86 + 22 = 108 calories.

Total Calories: 762.

2. Lunch

Since you ate a heavy breakfast that is packed with calories to start the day with high energy levels, you won't need many calories for lunch because the energy levels would still be high. As such, a 500-calorie meal won't be a bad idea regardless of your gender. Having said that, any of the following meals fit the bill:

a. Lemon Chicken with Sweet Smoked Paprika and Kale

This is finger-licking good and an incredible source of protein. What's more, this 510-calorie delicacy has some decent amounts of carbs, fiber, and sodium. Plus, it's easy to make, using everyday ingredients, including but not limited to parsley, sweet smoked paprika, chicken stock, and garlic.

Lemon chicken with sweet smoked paprika and kale is Sun Basket's one of the bestselling meal kits. You may want to read this comprehensive review to learn about the company's plan varieties and other important details. But in a nutshell, Sun Basket is a top-rated meal delivery service just like Home Chef, Hello Fresh, or any other entity that you know.

b. Seafood Fideuà

This is another absolutely yummy lunch option with the right amount of calories(481 Kcal) for losing belly fat. The recipe includes fideo(noodle) or pasta, mussels, prawns, monkfish, squid, and saffron(an orange-yellow ingredient used for adding flavor and color to food).

c. Roasted Chickpea Wraps

This mouthwatering and super-healthy delicacy with 489 calories per serving can be another great option for lunch, at least, if you desire to have a flat tummy. What's more, it's a good source of carbs and dietary fiber, which plays an important role in the digestive system. Plus, it's quite easy to make with a recipe that takes just 45 minutes to prepare and cook.

3. Dinner

Now, for men, you should eat a meal that is 600-calories. For women, you should eat a 500-calorie meal. To that effect, here are some great ideas for each meal:

i. Mango and chicken salad with buttermilk and iced latte=600 Calories. This melt-in-your-mouth dish perfectly suits supper, providing other essential nutrients that the prior meals did not provide sufficiently or even entirely. These nutrients include sodium and manganese.

ii. Turkey-basil meatballs with collard greens=472 calories. Besides protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fiber, this Turkish dinner is an excellent source of sodium. For starters, the role of this mineral is to regulate blood volume and blood pressure. Apart from that, the body also requires it for proper muscle and nerve functioning.

Even though this recipe sounds a little bit complicated with a sheer number of ingredients, it's arguably the easiest of all the recipes covered in this post. Plus, it requires only five basic ingredients some of which you may probably have in your kitchen. These recipes are; tomato sauce, Turkey-basil meatballs, raw collard greens(ribless), olive oil as well as salt.

Final Thoughts

Many people needlessly grapple with excessive belly fat not knowing that they could actually get rid of those fats just by consuming the right amounts of calories per day. If you are struggling to lose a potbelly as a man, you should never consume more than 1900 calories a day.

If you are a woman, your daily calorie intake must never surpass 1600 calories. I've shared a simple 1-day fat-burning meal plan you can emulate when it comes to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs with belly fat loss in mind. I hope it works for you.

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