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Adventure Science Center in Nashville Tennessee

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Looking for something fun to do? Check out the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee, It's a great place to learn!

On Monday, our homeschool group took a field trip to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. If you are ever passing through, this is one of the best places to go and visit! And, if you really want to plan some cool trips, Nashville has all kinds of places — like the Parthenon!


Inside the museum, they have all kinds of cool attractions. It has 3 levels and every single level is full of fun, education, and adventure just waiting to happen with the whole family. I was extremely impressed with the level of learning that can be done here and my kids had a blast!


My son had a great time sitting down at the screen options. He is a test taker by heart and loves to quiz himself, especially where science is concerned.

Robert with the screen

They have this really cool piano indoors that you can step on and play tunes on. All the kids had a blast playing on this! It reminded me of the Tom Hanks scene from the movie Big.


Learn About Your Health

Not only will you learn about science, but you get to learn about the body as well. My kids had a great time with the interactive exhibits and finding out cool facts about the heart, brain, spine, and learning how to read an X-Ray.

Kayla learning about xrays

This is my friend Blobby. If we did not have a spine or bones, this is what we would actually look like. Thank God that God gave us the perfect body structure!


After learning about our bodies, we hopped over to the dinosaur display. The kids always love goofing off and today was no exception! Here is my crazy son who has NO idea how to take a sane picture (he is always making some kind of face!)

Robert and the dinos

Along the way inside the museum, you will always find props that make great photo opportunities!

Kayla Archo
Robert archo

After that, we headed over to the Space Chase to learn about planets.Not only are there plenty of exhibits with information about the planets, but the Adventure Science Center also has a planetarium.

This was the exhibit that we could not wait to get to because we have been studying Astronomy all year with Apologia. Kayla loves Jupiter!

Take a Walk Through Space

They have this really cool “Walk in Space” zero-gravity simulator that you can play on while you are there. I think that this was Robert's favorite part of the whole trip. The kids put on belts and were lifted high in the air to try and “walk” through space.

We had a blast with our friends. If you are not part of a homeschool group, then I suggest you find one. They have been my lifeline sometimes during our hardest parts of homeschooling!

And they plan THE coolest field trips like our trip to the Nashville Zoo!! If you happen to be in the Nashville area, look up the Adventure Science Center. It is simply amazing and lots of great learning fun!

Kayla and shaylea

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Sunday 5th of April 2009

Oh I love all of the pics. Looks like it was SO much fun.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Saturday 4th of April 2009

Looks like you all had a bunch of fun. What great kids you have.


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