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BBQ Dry Aged Ribeye Recipe

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Dry-aged meats have been around for centuries. Initially, dry aging was a process created to preserve meat, often using caves in the middle ages and cellars up until fridges were created.

Since fridges were made, dry aging was no longer a necessity for produce preservation, but instead a way to improve the taste and texture of your meats and fish. 

Dry aging has come so far that now there are fridges on the market designed specifically for dry aging.

Our favorite is Steak Locker who designed, manufactured, and retail the world's first dry-age refrigerator. What makes their fridges so effective is the built-in app system that connects to your phone allowing you to track the progress of your dry-aged produce.

Steak Locker takes the risks and the guesswork out of dry-aging by monitoring the temperature and humidity inside your dry age fridge. The purpose of this is to prevent spoilage and produce the best possible results.

Ribeye steaks come from the rib region of the cow and are considered to be one of the most valued and desired cuts of meat due to their succulent flavor.

Ribeyes are a great choice of beef for dry aging because of their marbling and tender texture. Dry aging will maximize the taste of your Ribeye steak evoking nutty notes and umami flavors.

This recipe is for a BBQ grilled dry-aged ribeye, guaranteed to give you the tastiest dry-aged steaks. Impress your family and friends with our BBQ dry-aged ribeye recipe. The best part is you only need 4 ingredients. 

Dry Aged Ribey Recipe


Ribeye steaks

Salt and pepper

Salted butter

Step 1: Remove your dry-aged steaks from the Steak Locker and leave for a few hours to bring to room temperature.

Step 2: Liberally rub the steaks in salt and pepper to taste, ensuring both sides are equally covered.

Step 3: Heat your BBQ grill to approximately 130 degrees – 140 degrees depending on how you want your steaks to be cooked. The lower the heat the more rare your steaks will be.

Step 4: Add the steaks to the grill flipping them occasionally to ensure they are seared on both sides.

Step 5: Remove the steaks from the grill when ready and leave to rest for 10 minutes. Remember to consider that steaks continue to cook when resting.

Step 6: Add some salted butter to the steaks before serving to give them that extra juicy flavor.

There you have it, our quick BBQ dry-aged ribeye steak recipe! Great for family gatherings, romantic dinners, or even as a last-minute dinner idea. If you are wondering what to serve up with your BBQ steak, here is a list of our favorite sides that compliment the dish perfectly:

Thank you for taking the time to read our recipe! We hope you enjoy the BBQ dry-aged ribeyes.

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