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Benefits of Buying Shampoo Made Just for Yorkies

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Yorkies have a gigantic personality despite their diminutive stature, often outgoing and curious.

They frequently find themselves in a mess, especially if you take your puppy to the beach. Beach time definitely means bath time, so it is important to use the best shampoo for Yorkies in order to get them clean.

It is essential to know what you expect from a shampoo brand and what adverse effects the wrong ones will do. The following are some of the merits of buying a shampoo for your Yorkies.

Removal of Body Oils

All-day long, dogs are producing body oils that act as skin protectors and natural moisturizers. There is an accumulation over time because they do not evaporate. These oils build up over time.

Within three weeks after a bath, the Yorkies will require another bath. If the wash is not done properly, it will lead to negative effects such as clogging of skin pores, therefore blocking airflow leading to bad odor. This will cause rashes, skin eruptions, or itching.

Over time, the coat flattens, becomes oily, and picks up the bad smell as well. The right shampoo that can effectively wash away all these body oils is needed. A trustworthy site will offer some great suggestions of great shampoos to use for Yorkshire Terriers.

However, if a below-standard dog shampoo that does not have the proper cleansing agents is used, then the bath will be unsuccessful in eliminating the accumulated body oils. Therefore, the Yorkie will never be clean or have a fresh, clean smell.

Moisturizing Qualities

Believe it or not, your dog’s skin is more delicate than human skin. The skin has fine hairs that make up the coat. It is essential to choose a shampoo that properly moisturizes the dog’s skin. The less ideal shampoos do not have the proper ingredients to achieve this purpose.

A really good shampoo brand, according to dog experts, should contain ingredients that are absorbed easily by the top layer of skin cells and open the hair cuticles.

Good pH balance

All dog shampoos, whether cheap or great, have a pH balance. If this pH balance is not a match for the Yorkie one has, then the shampoo may damage both its coat and skin. The pH range for canines is between 6.5 and 7.5 Therefore, one must find a shampoo that matches this, especially for breeds that have coats of hair such as the Yorkie.

Some of the adverse effects of using a shampoo with the wrong pH include irritated skin, rashes, peeling, or dry spots. On the other hand, the coat gets damaged and ends up lacking the shine that protects the dog from the elements.

Soothing Qualities

Yorkies commonly have issues with dry skin because their coat does not provide a lot of protection from most of the elements that affect their skin. A bath is usually a great opportunity to lavish the Yorkie with a shampoo that will provide relief. There are some elements that offer immediate relief to dry skin and allergic reactions. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are great examples.

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