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Summer Fun with the Kids on Big Bear Lake: 4 Fun Things Do

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Big Bear Lake is a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, California. This drive will bring you to a gorgeous, pine-scented destination for the whole family.

It's considered a lakefront escape that offers a wide array of activities that are ingredients for a summer to remember. 

Several Big Bear cabins for rent offer a panoramic view of the Big Bear Lake and the majestic San Bernardino Mountains.  There are hiking and biking trails, lush forest, and clear, blue waters that are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.  

If you are planning on bringing the little ones, Big Bear has various activities for kids of all ages. Before you plan your itinerary, consider the following things to do in this lakefront paradise with your children.

Let them Frolic and Play at the Rotary Pine Knot Park

Within walking distance from the Big Bear Village is the Rotary Pine Knot Park. It offers a beautiful view of the lake, a manicured lawn, and lush, shady trees. The kids can enjoy the playgrounds while parents watch from one of the park’s benches. 

After hours of fun in the park, the whole family can feast on their summer favorites in one of the picnic tables. Don’t forget to show the kids the friendly ducks waddling around the area. For sure, the little ones will squeal with delight upon seeing these adorable animals. 

End the day with a leisurely walk along the paved paths. You may even bring a furry friend with you, just make sure they are on a leash.

Learn Together at the Discovery Center

A stay in one of the Big Bear cabins for rent will not be complete without a visit to the Discovery Center with your kids. The center, located on the North Shore, boasts of fun and inexpensive (and sometimes free) activities for children of all ages. 

Concepts about nature are taught using arts and crafts sessions, storytelling, nature walks, and interactive displays.  

The center also offers outdoor activities such as a hike on child-friendly trails. They may also learn about the forest in the Nature Discovery Zone. 

This attraction is pocket-friendly, too, since admission is free. Bear in mind that it opens at 8:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm.

Animal Fun at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo

Your animal-loving kids will have a blast at the Big Bear Alpine Zoo. Get a glimpse of coyotes, lions, bears, and bald eagles. There are also hedgehogs, several reptiles, and bugs.

Enjoy learning about the animals’ natural habitats and their diet with your kids. Since the zoo is also a haven for rescued animals, children can learn about compassion and how they can do their part in protecting them. 

Tickets are at an affordable rate of $12 for adults and $ 9.00 for children three to nine years old. Kids under two can enter for free. Proceeds of the ticket sales go to the rehabilitation efforts for the rescued animals.

Bike Along the Alpine Pedal Path

Imagine you and your kids on your bikes as you take in the breathtaking scenery of the Big Bear Lake. You may either bring your own bikes or rent them at several rental shops in the area.

The path is child-friendly with its 2.5-mile asphalt trail that starts at the Stanfield Cutoff and ends at the Solar Observatory. 

Experts have always expressed the positive effects of family vacations on children. Big Bear Lake can be a part of your kids’ memories that they will cherish forever.

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