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Carving Pumpkins with My Daughter

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My daughter loves to carve pumpkins. It is a right of passage every year the minute October rolls around. In fact, in the past she has carved Spiderman, Batman, funny faces, scary faces, so this year, she decided to try her hand at carving a cat pumpkin.

Cat pumpkin using Oriental Trading Carving tools

Her pumpkin carving time went a lot easier this year thanks to some of the things we got from Oriental Trading this year. They sent me a few items to try out and they made a world of difference.

pumpkin carving kit from oriental trading

Normally when she carves her pumpkin, she just uses manual tools, but this year, we got this awesome power saw in from Oriental Trading. From the moment she started she kept saying — this is SO much easier.

cutting her pumpkin

She takes particular care in carving her pumpkin. She chooses the right size — she likes fat and round. She cleans them out good – and she even did research and found out that if you spray the inside of the pumpkin with a bleach and water mixture, you can keep it from molding.

cleaning out the pumpkin

She always makes sure to draw the perfect design on the front first and then used her saw to cut out the pieces.

carving pumpkins

Then when she is done with it, she always tries to find a way to make it cool. This year, she bought an LED light to put inside.


She is really loving all the things she can do with her new pumpkin carving set. If you are are looking for fun pumpkin carving kits, be sure to check out Oriental Trading.

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