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Dolphin Watching in Destin, Florida – What You Need to Know

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Plan on dolphin watching in Destin, Florida? Check out these things that will help you to have THE BEST experience!

Dolphins are some of the friendliest creatures on the planet and to spot them in their natural habitat is a surreal experience. And one of the best places to spot them is in Destin, Florida.

The beaches at Destin are not just stunning, but there are several areas that playful dolphins frequently visit. 

Moreover, there are plenty of other activities you can indulge in, and the warm waters and sunny beaches will rejuvenate your mind and soul. The children will love it, and you will return with lots of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Things to Know When Dolphin Watching in Destin, Florida

Dolphin Watching Tours 

Destin has some secluded spots, which are the favorite haunts of the dolphins in this region. Usually, one gets to experience marine wildlife by visiting an aquarium and waiting behind glass to see the dolphins and other animals go by. However, the experience you have here will surely blow your mind. 

Check and see availability for Ft Walton Beach area dolphin cruises if you want to plan for a truly unique vacation with your family.

You can also get to know about the lifecycle of dolphins and more about their natural habitat, and this is a great educational experience, especially for the kids. 

Jet Skiing

Destin, Florida, is known for its pristine waters, and they are perfect for jet skiing. It does not matter if you have never been on a jet ski in your entire life. Experts guide you every step of the way, and you will experience thrill, unlike anything you have experienced before. 

Moreover, you might even come across dolphins while jet skiing, and they are known to swim alongside the riders. The waters are warm and clean, and you can enjoy the dual pleasure of riding the waves and spotting dolphins. 

Stunning Beaches

Destin beaches are pristine, and because of the large number of tourists in this region, there are some excellent accommodation facilities. You can enjoy a wide range of activities on the beach, play beach volleyball or enjoy a relaxing sunbathing. 

The children love to build sandcastles, and you can enjoy breakfast or lunch picnics as well. At night, you will love the walk on the moonlit beaches, and it will occupy a very special place in your heart.

The photographer in you will find endless moments of nature’s beauty that you can capture for posterity as you make memories with your family. 

Cruising Tours

Destin gives you a wide range of options to enjoy cruises with your family, but the most popular ones are around Crab Island and the Sunset Cruise.

As the name suggests, this cruise takes place during sunset when you ride out to the sea and watch the mesmerizing sky changing colors as the sun dips below the horizon. If you want to enjoy some quiet time with the family, away from the chaotic city life, then this is one of the best choices you could make. 

The cruise ships have a private captain, and you can be on the waters for two to three hours. You could sail around Destin Harbor or Santa Rosa Spoil Island. What's more? You get to enjoy dolphin sightings on your sunset cruises. The luxury liner cruise boats stretch up to 24 feet and are more than enough to accommodate your entire family. 

When Will You Visit Destin, Florida?

With so much to do at Destin, you and your family are sure to have an exciting time there. And no matter which activity you think of pursuing, you can be sure of meeting some dolphins on the way.

The kids love to spot dolphins, and so you should see availability for Ft Walton Beach area dolphin cruises to make the most of your vacation in Destin.

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