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Everything You Need to Know About Texas Style BBQ

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The term Barbecue has grown to become synonymous with the great state of Texas. Over the last decade, owing to movies like Chef and the many documentaries on Netflix, the popularity of Texas BBQ has grown all over the globe. So, what does Texas-style BBQ essentially mean? 

Food constitutes an essential part of the rich cultural heritage of Texas. However, every part of Texas does not look at the art of barbecuing in the same way.

We are going to be discussing the essentials of Texas-style BBQ in this article. How it’s cooked, what to expect when you’re eating out, and what it means when we say authentic Texas-style BBQ. At the end of the blog, we talk about Truboy BBQ where you can order bbq online across the USA & Canada. Let's get started. 

What is meant by Texas Style BBQ? 

Whenever we hear the term Texas Style BBQ, we picture briskets, pork shoulders, or ribs being cooked for hours, low and slow in huge smokers

What is the Primary Protein when it comes to Texas Style BBQ?

From pork to chicken to turkey to lamb, you will find a variety of proteins all being cooked low and slow when it comes to Texas Style BBQ. However, there is one protein that reigns supreme and is the hallmark of Texas Style BBQ and it is beef. 

Cooking a brisket to perfection is the mark of a seasoned pitmaster. So, if you are a beef eater, you are going to love this. There is much debate about what reigns supreme between beef and pork, however, as seasoned pitmasters cooking Texas Style BBQ for years, we have to crown beef as the dominant protein. 

There are two parts to a Brisket. The fattier side is referred to as the point while the leaner side is called the flat. A blend of both is what will give you the right bite. Certain restaurants prefer to serve one over the other depending on the specific taste of their customers. 

Brisket is always the number one item on the menu. Whether it's sausages or ribs, Texas BBQ is incomplete without an order of beef brisket. 

Wood is Preferred over Gas-powered Smokers

Modern-day smokers might have become gas-powered, but pitmasters tend to keep things old-fashioned. Wood is always preferred as the fuel of choice. Even when it comes to us, we only use premium mesquite and pecan wood to maximize the texture and moisture of the meat.

It is not low and slow-cooked Texas-style BBQ unless it's cooked all night meticulously over a hardwood fire.

Cooked Low and Slow

Pitmasters need to maintain an extremely low but steady flame for the meat to cook perfectly. If the fire is too hot you will be left with tough meat. It's a job that requires extreme precision and patience. Having the right fire and maintaining the right temperature is crucial.

It is also important to maintain clean smoke. The quality of wood becomes extremely important for fulfilling this specific aspect. 

The Most Reputed BBQ Joints do their Cooking Outside

The hassle of using an indoor smoker is too much to handle. Considering the spatial considerations, and the regulations on indoor smokers it is much easier and cheaper to operate your smoker outdoors. Using a smoker outside does have its downside.

The fluctuating temperature, humidity, and several other factors do tend to affect the internal temperature of the smoker. These are however non-issues for seasoned pitmasters. Moreover, the amazing smell of freshly smoked BBQ is all the advertising you need. 

Simple Rubs and Say No to Sauce

Most pitmasters use the most humble of rubs possible. There is no secret recipe when it comes to authentic Texas-style BBQ. The meat is the star of the show and any experienced pitmaster’s rub will only enhance the flavor of the meat.

Most OG BBQ joints just believe in seasoning with salt and pepper and then rely on the wood to add in all the smoky flavor.

BBQ lovers tend to keep things simple. While most places offer some kind of sauce with their BBQ, authentic Texas-style BBQ is all about the flavor of the meat. Coating the original smoky flavor with any kind of sauce is considered a cardinal sin. It is, however, a matter of personal preference, do not let peer pressure mess with your BBQ experience, if you like your BBQ with sauce, go ahead and enjoy it with sauce. 

Texas Style BBQ is a Lunch Meal

With meat being cooked over 15 hours and the space being limited in a smoker, the possibility of any of the meat lasting beyond lunch service is very slim. This brings us to our next pointer. 

Get Ready to Wait

Long queues outside BBQ joints are a regular site in Texas. People love their BBQ and don’t mind waiting hours for it. Certain places can have a waiting period of almost 4 hours or even longer.

The demand for good Texas-style BBQs is so high that people rent out chairs or even sell their place in the line. 

It's A Tradition to Eat with your Hands

A lot about Texas-style BBQ is about traditional practices. Pitmasters tend to stick to tradition and keep things old-fashioned.  Certain BBQ places do not offer a fork or a spoon as traditionally BBQ is supposed to be eaten with your hands. If you are not cool with that, be sure to carry a fork along with you. 

Offering Sample Bite of Brisket is Polite

Pitmasters appreciate their loyal customers. Thus it is a tradition to offer sample bites of brisket as a mark of politeness and appreciation. 

Truboy BBQ Delivery System

Why wait in line when you can enjoy perfectly cooked Texas-style BBQ from the comfort of your own home? Our unique BBQ meat delivery service involves cooking, chilling, and vacuum-sealing the BBQ meat straight off the fire to preserve its freshness and flavors before delivering it right to your doorstep. We deliver nationwide and to Canada. So if you’re craving a taste of authentic Texas-style BBQ, be sure to visit our website and place your order now. 

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