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Fall is Here! 3 Fashion Items You Need in Your Closet

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As soon as it hits September and October, I start going through my closet pulling out all my summer clothes to box up for the season, and start bringing down my fall clothing. This year however, I decided that I need to spruce up my wardrobe. I hit the stores looking for the perfect find. It dawned on me while I was shopping, that with just a little research and frugalness in mind, you can basically use the same 3 items to create an entire fall wardrobe come alive.

Here are 3 fashion items you need in your closet for this fall season.


Every woman should own a pair of boots. I cannot tell you how many times I have worn a pair of boots with either a dress or a pair of jeans. Boots are like the most versatile pair of shoes you can own. They can be dressed up, dressed down, or worn just because.

Fall Boots


For me, finding that one set of earrings, necklace, and bracelet that goes with any outfit is a frugal fashion find for me. Usually I tend to go with silver or something that is in that color. Most every piece of clothing I own will go with silver jewelry.

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One Good Shirt

I always try to buy one really pretty shirt that I can wear anywhere. I try to get one that I can use to wear with blue jeans, a skirt, or with a nice pair of slacks.

I found this one while browsing the new fall fashions at the store.

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It has totally become my favorite piece from my closet. And my boots. I love those boots!

What about you? What are 3 fashion pieces you can't live without?

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