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Fun Family-Friendly Things to do in Hawaii

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Enjoy time with your family and discover all the fun family-friendly things to do in Hawaii with these tips.

Hawaii is among the most spectacular places to see on the planet. It is teeming with imposing volcanic mountains, lush greenery, rich wildlife, and friendly locals, among scores of other things. It is among the best places that families with kids can enjoy visiting.

There is no single best island to visit in Hawaii with family, friends, or your partner. Each island is filled with incredible sights, smells, and sounds, making it impossible for travelers to see everything in just one trip.

So, if you are scouting for the best family vacation destination, Hawaii is near-perfect. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the most exciting things you can do with your kids here.

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Fun Fmaily-Friendly Things to do in Hawaii

Visit the aquariums and zoos in Hawaii

The Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium in Oahu is a magnet for kids of all ages. From reptiles and birds to fishes and animal species, there is an enormous variety of wildlife to look at.

You can spend an entire, or at least half a day taking in the exhibits at this attraction. Also, another exciting place to visit is the Sea Life Park which is a close drive from here. The park houses a bird sanctuary in addition to marine mammals.

Learn about the Hawaiian history and culture

Tourists that love history will be glad to know there is much to learn about Hawaii’s incredible past. There are tours that your family and you can take to discover how the islands were formed.

You can also learn about their past rulers and their iconic landmarks. Also, it can be a valuable insight into the Hawaiian culture. You have the opportunity to learn about their dance forms, food habits, rituals, folk songs, festivals, and other vital life aspects.

Splash around in kid-friendly Hawaii beaches

No family trip will ever be complete without a visit to the beach, and fortunately, Hawaii is overflowing with them. Waikiki Beach is the best for children of all ages, offering exciting swimming and surfing opportunities.

If your kids are too young, you may want to consider visiting The Hilton Lagoon. Located at the quintessential Hilton Hawaiian Village, the artificial lagoon is perfectly safe for kids to swim, snorkel, or paddleboat.

Explore Oahu’s attractions

Brimming with electrifying attractions and activities, Oahu is arguably the best island to visit in Hawaii with kids. The Dolphin Quest offers children the chance to swim with dolphins. It’s a highly entertaining activity the whole family can enjoy. You can also attend a Hawaiian Luau – a cultural event replete with traditional dances, singing, food, and other fun activities. 

Families with older kids can take them along on the Diamond Head Hike trail. The hike takes you right to the top, where a massive crater sits across 350 acres. This remarkable crater was created thousands of years ago during a volcanic eruption.

Watch your kids become mermaids!

Almost every child is fascinated by the tale of mermaids, and Hawaii offers them the chance to become one! The famous tourist attraction of Hawaii Mermaid Adventures in Maui has a fun program where certified instructors patiently teach excited kids to swim wearing a mermaid mono-fin.

They can explore the beautiful Hawaiian marine life while also delving into hypnotic mermaid folk tales.

Go parasailing in Maui

When you visit a destination as beautiful as Hawaii, exploring its sights from the sky is simply a must. And since Hawaii is home to numerous enthralling islands, several areas offer parasailing opportunities. You can opt to fly solo or in a group, depending on the interests of your family.

Experienced and licensed parasailers will take you on the journey of your lifetime. Enjoy breathtaking scenery as far as your bird’s-eye view allows while soaring effortlessly above the ocean.

Now that you have a few ideas for your next visit to Hawaii, what will you do first as a family?

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