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Four tips for vacationing in Alaska

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For most US travelers, Alaska remains the last frontier. Wild, rugged landscapes and bleakly beautiful scenery abounds, and for many the 49th state is still wrapped in mystery and wonder.

Vacationing in Alaska is a glorious prospect, and once you’ve had a taste of the icy beauty of this magnificent corner of the US you’ll want to go back time and again. Here are four expert tips for vacationing in Alaska that will help you make this a trip you’ll never forget. 

#1 When you go depends on what you want to do

There is never a bad time to visit Alaska, but various experiences, activities, and things to see depend on the weather, and that can be a changeable thing.

There are four distinct seasons in Alaska, with a warm summer with looooong evenings and a freezing-cold snowy winter.

If you want to see the midnight sun or spend a lot of time animal-watching then summer is your best bet, but if you are after a glimpse of the Northern Lights then you’ll need to wait until the nights get darker in fall and winter. 

#2 Also where you go matters

Alaska is big. Like, really huge. It takes as long to fly from Seattle to Anchorage as it does from New York to Miami! The road and rail systems are relatively limited too, so getting around takes a lot of time.

It is well worth planning ahead and deciding exactly what your must-see things are before you book your accommodation, as you’ll want to ensure that you are based nearby, or at least that you have factored in travel times!

#3 Try something new

Alaska is full of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and unique things to do, and it is the perfect place to broaden your horizons and try something new.

Whether it is boating along a glacial river, fishing for sockeye salmon, or skiing on top of a glacier, Alaska is the place to push your boundaries a little and try something you’ve never done before. 

#4 Alaska is worth seeing by land AND by sea

Alaska is a stunningly beautiful place, and while exploring it by land offers a tremendous variety of opportunities, the best way to really get a sense of the natural beauty of the place is from the water.

Book ahead for an Alaskan cruise and explore the icy, glacial fjords and remarkable wildlife that call Alaska home from the comfort of a luxury stateroom. You’ll see an entirely different side of Alaska by boat.

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