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Free Meal Planning Kit

If meal planning is something that makes you scratch your head, no worries! I have a fun and FREE meal planning kit that will help you to meal plan like a boss!

When I created this meal planning kit, I tried to think of myself and all the things I would find helpful to make meal planning so much easier.

What's Inside this Free Meal Planning Kit

Inside the free meal planning kit, you will find 6 different forms that will help you meal plan with ease.

Freezer Inventory Sheet

The freezer inventory sheet is great to hang on the refrigerator to keep track of all the food you have in your freezer. I am notorious for putting things in the freezer and then forgetting them. With this list, you can keep track of what you added and when.

Then, once you use it, just cross it off and you will know when it is time to restock!

Pantry Inventory Sheet

The pantry inventory works just like the freezer inventory. I cannot tell you how many cans of green beans or boxes of mac and cheese I have bought when I did not need to — just because I forgot what was in my pantry.

Favorite Recipes List

I use this list to keep a running log of all of my family's favorite recipes. Anything that I make that they say are favorites goes on this list.

Then, when I need to pull a meal for the menu plan — I go to this list to find the tried and true recipes everyone will eat.

Menu Plan 

The menu plan is where all the magic will happen! You have room to list every meal — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — and a place for notes as well. 

I am religious about using a menu plan in my home because everyone wants to know — what's for dinner? This keeps them from having to guess and keeps me from having to answer so many times during the day.

Shopping List

Another great tool that makes menu planning is easy is a shopping list. I never go to the store without my list. I will forget something — and then have to backtrack to the store during the week — and that is what defeats the whole purpose of meal planning.

For the shopping list, there are two options — one that is completely filled out, or a blank one where you can write in what you need. I like the pre-printed (it helps me not to have to make circles around the store).

Are You Ready to Meal Plan Like a Boss?

If you are ready to meal plan, simply download your FREE meal planning kit by clicking here.


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