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Fun Activities in Bangkok

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As the year 2022 draws nearer, many people are starting to make plans for their vacations. If you're looking for an interesting and exotic destination to explore, then Bangkok is a great choice.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Bangkok, no matter what your interests are. From sightseeing and shopping to dining and nightlife, you'll never run out of activities to keep you busy during your stay. So why not book your trip now and start planning some unforgettable memories?

Continue reading to find out some of the best activities you could do while visiting Bangkok.

Airplane Graveyard

Not everyone who travels to Bangkok is looking for the traditional experience, and if that sounds like you, then one place you have to visit whilst in Bangkok is the Airplane Graveyard. As the name would suggest, the Airplane Graveyard is a field that houses all decommissioned aircraft.

Not only is it incredibly surreal to see that many aircraft in one place, but it's also the perfect opportunity to take some amazing photographs. More than this, a lot of these planes have graffiti on the sides, making them that much more beautiful.

Visit Neighboring Cities

Although this isn't strictly in Bangkok, another thing that you can do whilst you are in the area is visit the neighboring cities. One city that you should pay a visit to is Chiang Mai, and there are quite a few ways to get to Chiang Mai, such as by bus, train, or airplane, which is a good choice if you want to make a day trip of it.

There are zoos, markets, zip lines, national parks, temples, and more to be found in Chiang Mai, making it a perfect addition to your travel itinerary. 

Grand Palace

Another incredibly surreal experience that you have to take part in is visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok. One thing that makes this even more surreal is the fact that this was once home to the king, which makes walking down all of the hallways, that much more of an amazing experience.

Before you visit the Grand Palace, you should pack some lunch and something to drink as it can take a few hours. Given the size of the property. Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many scams outside of the Grand Palace and you should only pay the entrance fee once you are inside.

See Chatuchak Market

If you are tired of going on activities and you have seen all of the attractions, perhaps it's time to do some shopping. One of the best places to do some shopping in Bangkok would be Chatuchak Market since it is home to over 8,000 stalls, so you won’t ever run out of stalls to see.

Chatuchak Market is one of the largest markets in the world, covering around 27 acres, so it would be a good idea to take a map so you don’t get lost amongst the maze of stalls. You would be surprised how easily this can happen. 

Sky Train

One of the best experiences that you can treat yourself to would be riding on the Sky Train, which isn’t something you could easily experience in any other part of the world. To describe it, the Sky Train is a relatively high-speed train that is on tracks above the city streets. 

There is no better experience than going from destination to destination while looking out the window to see the sprawling, beautiful city of Bangkok with traffic flowing underneath you. Honestly, it's one of the best ways to get around Bangkok, if you don’t have a motorbike, hands down.

Siam Paragon

If you aren't intrigued by Chatuchak Market but feel like the hustle and bustle of bumping shoulders with another 200,000 visitors is a bit much, you have to visit Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon is a massive shopping center with over 250 stores. 

Inside Siam Paragon there is a multiplex cinema, along with the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia to boot. In other words, it does not matter how long you spend looking around this mall, you will never run out of stores to discover and things to do.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.