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Getting Tucker Ready for His First Beach Vacation

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I cannot wait until next month. Our family is embarking on a week-long beach adventure. We are heading back to Gulf Shores and this time, my sweet little Tucker is coming along!


You may think I am crazy, but I want to get him a complete beach outfit!

He has never been to the beach before and I LOVE dressing up my dog (yes I am one of those crazy pet owners that dresses her dog), so I have been looking all over the internet for cute stuff to get him.

Here is a list of all the items I plan on taking for him — and yes he is going to have his very own pet suitcase too!

  • Doggie Sunglasses
  • Beach Booties
  • Swim shorts
  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Sun visor
  • Pup tent for relaxing in the shade while we are on the beach
  • Beach towel

I know, I know — I spoil him rotten, but I love that little guy!

Tucker giving his love

I'm starting to take him on more vacations with us simply because he is a special part of our family and we don't like being without him.

He is so good for us, that it is like having another child on vacation with us, and we don't mind at all.

We found a couple of pet friendly restaurants in Gulf Shores that we are hoping that we get to visit while we are there. I love being able to give social media love to restaurants and establishments that let me bring my poochie along! I can't wait to tell you about Bills By the Beach and The Beach House after eating there and taking Tucker!

Once I get all his things in, I will be sure to take a photo and post it on here to show you his amazing beach haul that he is going to cart with him to the beach!

Do you ever dress your dog up for the beach?


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