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Going for a Hike? Here are 7 Essentials to Take with You

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Take these 7 items with you if you are planning on going for a hike.

If you've watched the film called ‘Into The Wild', chances are, you too must have felt like packing your bags and leaving for an adventure. That's precisely how much sometimes our ordinary life gets us.

However cool it sounds, going for a vacay suddenly out of the blue isn't practical for most of us. Yet, that doesn't mean there's no escape plan – in fact, that's exactly when we take to adventure sports, isn't it? And talking of adventure sports, how can we not mention camping!?

Camping and hiking are some of the most popular adventure sports among people. And why not, given just how surreally beautiful the hills are. And not just the hills, hiking is one such adventure sport that's every aspect is just as fascinating.

Guess that's also the reason why in countries like India, adventure sports like hiking are gradually becoming a youth cult, with their demand growing by a stunning 178% over the years!

So, if you too are planning to go for a hike while camping, here's a list of essentials you must not leave without:

1. You can't leave your water bottle

The first and arguably the most important item on the list, it's a water bottle. We know, most of you may think it wasn't even necessary to put this up on the list. But history has it – it's the thing that we must not forget about, that we end up forgetting about.

So, take this tip and pack your favorite water bottle away right now because trust me, getting dehydrated while climbing those hills is probably the last thing you'll want.

2. Pop-up camping tents are an essential

Usual tents are fine. But ever heard of a pop-up camping tent? If not, well then, you're surely missing out on a lot of things in life. If you've been camping before, you'll understand what a hassle it is to set up a tent.

But pop-up camping tents are a godsend, considering just how easy they are to deal with. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Don't forget your backpack

Ah yes, don't think too much – you do need a new backpack for that trek. But this time, keep these little deets in mind before finally making the purchase.

Firstly, look for a waterproof one because you wouldn't want your stuff to get all wet. See if it has enough storage space to carry all the items mentioned in this list. Lastly, make sure it is a durable one – after all, you're going for a trek and not a baby shower! All check? Swipe the credit card!

4. Stock up on those energy bars

Let's get this straight – hiking is surely a soul-stirring adventure. But, it's also not for the faint of heart. Climbing up those mountains and combating the chills will require you a lot of energy.

So, it goes without saying – you need to pack bunches of energy bars with you. Carry a pack or two of rich dry fruits too. Remember, treks are challenging, but they're also equally rewarding.

5. Hiking shoes are so important

If you think you can go for a trek without a pair of trekking shoes, you're legit signing for a disastrous experience. Those who have been on a trek before knowing what a pain it is to climb up those hills in those usual suede shoes.

Hence, wait no more and get yourself a pair of trekking shoes. This ensures you have an effortless trekking experience all the way long.

6. Hand sanitizers are a savior

As if we needed to say this! Hand sanitizers are a trekking essential because you may not get access to freshwater all the time. So, packing a bottle or two of these makes sure that your hands are germ-free and you don't fall ill in the midst of your trek.

7. Flashlights can’t be missed

Last but not least, don't leave for your trek without carrying a flashlight with you. It turns out to be a lifesaver, especially when it gets dark and you're on your way back to the camp.


Hiking is a thrilling activity for all the right reasons. Yet, packing for such adventure sports is a huge fuss. Follow these tips to help you plan a more adventurous outing adventure.

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