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Great DIY ideas to add a personal touch to your kitchen

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A kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of our time, from the first sip of coffee in the morning till the last fridge raid in the night. So it’s only natural that we’d like to make it look beautifully decorated, give our personal touch to it, and make it feel cozy.

If you don’t want or don’t have enough funds to completely renovate the whole kitchen, a few DIY ideas can help you spruce it up. Whether you have artistic tendencies in you or not, these ideas can make your kitchen space look colorful and interesting. Plus, you don’t need to spend much money making them.

Colorful wall art

There are so many options when picking a great wall art that could reflect your style. You can choose something that means a lot to you and frame it.

Something like photos of family and friends, pets, or perhaps one of those beautiful 1000 piece puzzles that you all put together as a family, that looks even better after you frame it.

Even your nana’s recipes that you cherish can be put into colorful frames. That can help preserve them as well as be practical when you need to read them, while it still looks artsy.

For your art wall, you can also choose posters and prints, or just one big statement piece of art – big, bold, and colorful. But if you decide on more than one art piece then make sure the pieces look good together.

You can choose a color scheme or a theme that’ll make the collection look uniform. You can also frame pieces of wallpaper, stickers, and letters (wood and metal), mirrors, dishes, vinyl albums, flower pots, etc., or just let the frame be the art piece.

Chalkboards, small racks and shelves

Chalkboards are very popular and useful. You can make your own chalkboard with some wood or metal edges. Hang it on the wall, or make it a standing one, like those in front of the restaurant.

There’s also chalkboard paint, so you can paint the entire wall or just a small piece of it. Use it as your to-do list, or write recipes you’re preparing at the moment, it’s very practical and it looks cool.

You can combine it with small racks and shelves. Put the wine racks on the wall with chalkboard paint and next to them write the list of the bottles you have. You can do the same with spices, herbs, flower pots, and anything else you might think of.

Shelves can look great with this paint in the front. You can write what’s inside the cabinets on it, like a little inventory, or you can draw something with chalk and make it look pretty.

Epoxy on the kitchen tops

People use epoxy for all kinds of creative things. It can be used to encase pictures or pieces of tiles in a tabletop or a shelf in the kitchen. You can make interesting penny or bottle cap tops without worrying about scratches, dents, or water and sun damages.

If you love to paint your art onto furniture you can do it with acrylics and pour a protective layer over it. 

Epoxy can be used on wood if you want to create unique wood patterns to use for bars, countertops, and tabletops. It will save you from having to deal with wear and tear, even when using the surface a lot. Some people add dye to the epoxy, to make it tinted.

That way you can achieve a marble look on a kitchen island top for example. Or perhaps make the resin blue like the sea when pouring it over seashells and sand you've brought from your holiday. Basically, whenever you have an idea or a desire to create something beautiful, epoxy can help a lot with that.

Knobs, hooks and other metal details

Little details such as cabinet knobs, towel hooks, bottle openers and such, can make your kitchen look very interesting. These accessories are inexpensive but can revive the look of your fixtures and walls.

Depending on your artistic skills, you can buy these things or make them yourself. Bended spoons and forks can serve as whimsical hooks, and so can knobs and faucet valves.

Pulls and colorful knobs can make your boring fixtures look fresh again. You can have them custom-made to fit your ideas and kitchen style.

Vintage knobs can have intricate patterns painted on them, and vivid colors, so they look like a miniature work of art. You can add an interesting bottle opener to the wall, or more than one if you want to collect them from your travels for example.

Miniature green garden

Nothing brings more freshness and brightness to the room than plants. Whether you choose the edible ones or not, a glance at them is enough to connect you with nature and lift your spirits.

Pots can be arranged on shelves between other things, scattered around, or you can choose a place specifically for them, like ladder-shelves leaning on your wall. You can also make a hanging or a pallet herb garden for your blooms and cacti, or for herbs you need for cooking.

Edible herbs are not only pretty and fragrant but also very delicious and healthy. Having a mini garden like that is very practical too. You can have fresh ingredients close, whenever you need them.

You can make macrame or basket hanging pots, vertical garden from wooden crates and/or tins, and hang them with hooks. You can even frame them on a wall, just choose the look of the pot to go with the style of the kitchen.

Final thoughts

There you go. No need to renovate the whole kitchen when there’s plenty of decor details you can change or add to give it a completely different feel. They’re not complicated to make even if you’re not experienced in DIY. A bit of will and little patience in making these details and your kitchen will look exciting and vibrant.

With so many accessories and DIY materials to choose from, you’ll find something for yourself for sure. So you can transform your kitchen into a space you’ll love and feel comfortable in.

And what’s even better, you don’t have to spend much money on it. A lot of things you can find for cheap, and many you can make from what’s laying around your house, you just need a little imagination.

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