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Healthy Refreshments Ideas To Try Out This Spring

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Spring is a wonderful time of the year when the first sun and the first flowers look up from the ground. We all feel happy when it arrives, hearing the birds chirping and seeing the budding greenery.

Once the heat makes its entrance, you prefer to drink fresher drinks and eat a little lighter – maybe even a little healthier? Foods such as asparagus, carrots, spring onions, seafood suddenly become really suitable. Especially if you want to fire up the grill for the first time this season.

In the text below, we will offer some suggestions for some healthy refreshments with lots of good flavors that belong to spring and that your friends and loved ones will enjoy plenty of.

Don’t Say Bye to Your Favorite Tea Just Yet

As the season changes from winter to spring, it does not mean that you have to change your favorite cup of tea. The best thing about tea is that it can be sipped all year long.

Herbal tea is good for your immune system and helps the body fight the known spring colds. In the spring you can pick nettle and dandelion leaves and make your own tea. Ice tea, on the other hand, is a perfect choice if you want to mix things up and make yourself a refreshing drink for those hot summer days.

Beet Juice

Although beets are one of the favorite winter vegetables, the early spring beets have a particularly sweet and distinctive taste. Its health benefits should not be forgotten either.  

You can find them in almost every grocery store in the vegetable aisle. Take advantage of it and try this incredibly useful juice. In addition to being very tasty, you get vitamins A, B, and C, antioxidants, calcium, amino acid, potassium, magnesium, sugar, and water.

With all these properties, it will boost your immune system and prepare it for the upcoming season. Do not worry about preparing it. It works just like with other juices. Even if the beets make your mixer intensely red, it is still easy to wash.

Pink Lemonade

This drink with freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar, and cranberry juice is as good with, as without, alcohol.

If you’re looking to make a batch of pink lemonade for four persons, you would need ½ cup of sugar, 3 cups of water, ½ cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice, ⅓ cup of undiluted cranberry juice, and if you want to add alcohol, pour some vodka in and add lemon slices for garnish.  

Mix the sugar with ⅛ cup of water in a saucepan. Cook until the sugar has dissolved. Mix with the rest of the water and place in the fridge until it has cooled. Mix with lemon juice, cranberry juice, and vodka.

Serve with lots of ice and some lemon slices and devour it during a cool spring evening on the balcony or outdoor patio of your house.

Vegetarian Spring Soup

There’s nothing wrong with a nice plate of warm soup during the early spring days. It is a lovely way to warm yourself up during chilly nights. Use the ingredients that you can easily find this time of the year to prepare a refreshment alternative that is lovely and nutritious.

Fry potatoes, onions, and cabbage in a little rapeseed oil in a large saucepan. Pour water and add the bouillon. Bring the water to a boiling point and cook slowly without a lid for about 15 minutes. You can then add the carrots and let them cook for an additional 3 minutes.

Stir in some mustard and season with salt and pepper. Continue by adding the vegetables and the spices to enrich the flavor. Bring to boil and afterward pour the soup over them in small cups that will give a nice surprising impression on the guests you will be serving.

Serve Some Healthy Chips

Sometimes you need chips. That's how it is. Crispy, tasty chips. But the chips you can buy in the market do not always feel particularly festive or healthy for the body. Luckily, there are so many ways to make healthier alternatives at home.

A good and healthy recipe is one with sweet potatoes. Slice the sweet potatoes in thin layers and spread them on a heating pan on oil, preferably with the help of a spray bottle. Cover a plate with parchment paper, spread as many slices as you can fit, and dust over the spice mixture. Run at full power for about four minutes. 

Check the status of the chips and continue if necessary to run at 30-second intervals until they are crisp. Let them cool on the oven rack. Continue with the rest of the chips.

This is a great tip for a snack that will satisfy your cravings but not wash over you with feelings of guilt. It also goes perfectly with the pink lemonade or ice tea we previously recommended.

Spring Rolls

How can we forget our delicious spring rolls? The name says it all. The best thing about them is that they can be filled with all the mouthwatering vegetables that spring brings us.

You can stuff them with mushrooms, shrimp, or vegetarian filling of tofu, or Quorn. Continue with cabbage, rice noodles, carrot, garlic, and mushrooms. Also, you can add a few tablespoons of grated fresh ginger and bamboo shoots to give them that fresh taste. If you like coriander, you can add a few chopped leaves as well.

You can deep-fry them and serve them hot with a good dipping sauce, such as sweet chili sauce, sweet and sour sauce, oyster sauce or Asian dressing. Spring rolls work as well as a snack, starter, and refreshment. Also, it works just fine as a light lunch or balanced dinner with a salad on the side. Plain green salad or a Thai cabbage salad will do the trick.

Final Thoughts

Food and physical activity are fundamental to good health for all individuals throughout life. As the warmer season of spring sets in and brighter days come, you usually start moving more and want to eat healthier foods with fresh ingredients.

If you do not always have the possibility of cooking a meal at home, we are certain that you still have the time to try out and prepare some refreshments.

It is a fast way to increase your level of energy and strength. In the above-mentioned text, we offer you some ideas that you will surely appreciate and want to make again and again.

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