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Here’s What You Need to know if you’re Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

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As our lives are getting more hectic as we grow older, cleaning our home becomes less of a priority than before. Between taking care of your children and clocking extra hours at work, cleaning becomes a tedious and daunting chore.

Even so, cleaning our home is still very important, especially in the spring with all the allergens looming in the air. The easiest way to keep your home clean and have time for yourself is to hire a professional to do it for you. Cleaning services like Deluxe Maids can help keep your home germ free and clean.

However, if you are hiring a professional maid or cleaning services for the first time, there are a couple of things you should pay attention to. Knowing what to ask and what to look for when hiring a cleaning service can make the process a lot easier and possibly cheaper. Read our tips on hiring a maid service for the first time.

Check their Reviews and References

Having to leave your home in someone else’s hands might be a scary process for many homeowners, especially with a lot of shady companies advertising themselves on the internet. That’s why it’s important to find as many reviews as you can before you decide to hire a company. Look them up online on websites such as Better Business Bureau to see if they are legitimate and read what other customers had to say about their service. If you prefer the word of mouth, perhaps you should ask your neighbors if they use a professional service to clean their home and if so, would they recommend them.

Use all the information you gathered to create a list of the best cleaning services in your area and visit their websites to get some additional info. From there you can compare their prices, see what their services entail and choose the best one for your home. Also, check if the service does a background check on all of their employees.

Individual Maid or a Cleaning Service

Individual maids may offer their services at a lower price than a professional cleaning company, they also put a lot more responsibility on you. For example, individual maids are not insured and you’ll have to cover for their social security and various taxes. Additionally, while cleaning services send out teams of cleaners, if your maid gets sick you will likely have to postpone the arrangement. The staff at a professional cleaning company generally have more experience and access to professional tools and cleaning agents.

Products and Equipment

If you want your home truly thoroughly cleaned, you need nothing short of professional equipment. Professional cleaning services use expert tools such as HEPA vacuums to give your home a deep, complete cleaning. The same goes for the cleaning products. Maid services supply their own cleaning products that are eco-friendly and will not harm your kids or your pets.

Do I Need to Stay Home While the Cleaning Service Works?

While there’s absolutely no need for you to oversee the process, you are free to stay at your home while the cleaning service works. The company hires trustworthy staff and therefore can guarantee for the safety of your belongings. Still, the company is covered by liability insurance to provide additional peace of mind.

How to Evaluate Their Service

After the first appointment, it’s very important to see if the service the cleaning company provided is adequate and share your impressions with their representative. That way they can pay extra attention if you think an area was not thoroughly cleaned. Companies that take your feedback and adjust their services accordingly are definitely worth hiring again.

Most professional companies will give you a printed or an online survey to fill out and indicate what you liked and disliked in their service. Other times a manager might call you to inquire about your satisfaction or a manager might come by to inspect how the cleaning service did their job.

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