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How Fishing Can Change Your Life

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When you think of a fisherman, what do you imagine? Perhaps a grandfather, one who loves rising before dawn to sit on his own, meditating on life’s little intricacies while sitting on a lake where the sun shines down like diamonds on the water. 

If you’ve never fished before, you are missing out on a journey that teaches life lessons like no other. 

Here's why:

Preparing Early

People who fish don’t usually just “up and go.” It’s something you plan for because the best time to fish is early in the morning. 

Preparing early means intention. For example, if you’re out to catch carp, it means planning your trip when the fish are abundant in season, choosing the appropriate carp fishing equipment, and making sure you have the correct permits for carp as opposed to trout or bass. 

Living life with intention always makes things go more smoothly. It can feel easier sometimes to fly by the seat of your pants, but the more you plan, the better you can prepare for life’s unexpected moments. 

Each Situation Requires Individual Thought

Deep-sea, ice, large-mouth, bass, trout, pond, fresh-water… did you know there were so many types of fishing? Depending on where you are and what you want to catch determines how you prepare, what you bring with you, how you prep your bait, even how you cast your line. 

In life, you might have a general overview of the situation, but you’ll always need to tweak things for specific moments. If it isn’t working, make a change. If you aren’t “catching” something, there’s probably a reason. 

Patience Is a Virtue

Our world is full of busyness. Society tells you that you need to be going, going, all day long to be successful. But fishing teaches something different. 

Rest. Relax. Put in the prepared and individual work that a situation entails, and then sit back and let the world do its work. You can’t control everything, and it is okay, even a sign of strength, to watch what’s happening with a reverence for all that’s going on under the water that you can’t see. 

Plus, relaxation helps your body, physically and mentally!

Clean Up Your Messes

Nothing is worse than going back to a situation and finding a mess. As a fisher, one of the first lessons your teacher will give you is to clean your hooks, tackle box, boat, and boots as soon as you get home. When you don’t, it’s almost impossible to get the stuck-on remains and smell out of your gear and clothes. 

In life, clean up your tangible and emotional messes as soon as you can. It’s easier, and you’ll feel so much better the next time you go back to that relationship or situation. 

The Sweet Taste of Your Efforts

When you have worked hard for something, intentionally set a goal, prepared, waited for the payoff, and then hold it in your hands… nothing ever feels that good. 

A fish that you’ve caught on your own tastes so much sweeter. And a goal that you’ve completed from your own efforts has a sense of pride that can’t be taken away from you. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.