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How to Create a Nautical Themed Baby Shower

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Last year, my friend Angel was pregnant. Many of us ladies gathered together at Michele's house to throw her a baby shower. This was her first ever bundle of joy so she had no clue how to plan for a shower. Michele and I got some details from her and decided to plan a Nautical Themed Baby Shower.

nautical baby shower

Since Angel was having a boy and she loves boats, we decided on a Nautical theme. We all got together and created a board on Pinterest and everyone added some ideas of things they would like to do. You can do the same and might even fing some really great ideas in Babycare Mag.

The day turned out great and our guests had a great time!

Nautical Themed Baby Shower

The Food

The food turned out great. For starters, we made these cute little veggie cups that were perfect for people to just pick up on the go.

nautical themed baby shower

There were really a crowd pleaser. We put ranch dressing in the bottom of some cute little square cups that we picked up at hobby Lobby and then added carrots, celery, and a cherry tomato on a toothpick in each one.

Then, we fixed jello cups that looked like they were little oceans. My friend Michele really outdid herself with these. She added a “it's a boy” sail to each one and a shark cracker for the sea effect.

nautical themed shower

Then we made “Crab Salad Sandwiches”, which were really just chicken salad on croissants with candy eyeballs for the effect of a crab.

They turned out SUPER cute and were the talk of the whole party.

nautical themed baby shower

We took cute little gum drops and added eyes to them as well to make them into crabs. The kids had fun eating these.

nautical themed shower

The table was gorgeous and everyone raved about how good the food was. I even heard some people say it was a more upscale baby shower than what they had been to in the past (not really but when you make the food amazing, people talk for years to come!)

Nautical Themed shower

The Games

During the party, we tried to come up with games that were unique and fun. One of our favorites was “Pop the Paci”. Basically what you had to do was spit your pacifier out and whoever got theirs the farthest, won.

Nautical Themed Baby Shower


Of course, if you are going to have a baby shower, you have to see if you can figure out what flavor each baby food jar is, right?

That is always a great game to play!

nautical themed shower

Then we had a few puzzles and games on paper that we had to figure out. We had fun creating mad libs for the mom and then we added in a “Guess how many candies are in this Baby Bottle”. The mom to be was quite ecstatic because the winner got to bless the mom to be with the prize of the baby bottle.

Nautical theme shower

The Guestbook

We created a really cute guestbook that the mom was going to have framed and put into the baby's room once he arrived. We used a canvas and added strings from a balloon on it. Then we cut out circles from scrapbook paper and let everyone write their names down and using a glue dot, add it to the canvas.

My daughter found a leftover card from a pile we had gotten on clearance and cut out the baby and placed it on the canvas. .

nautical themed shower

All in all, we had a great time and a really great turnout and the mom to be was so pleased with all the gifts she received.

nautical themed shower

I love planning parties like this and I cannot wait until the next one. I have a wedding I am helping with in January of 2016 and I cannot wait to show off how we set up for that one.

What is your favorite baby shower memory?

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