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How to Enjoy an Active Vacation With Your Dog

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Here's how to enjoy an active vacation with your dog!

Dogs and vacations make a great combination. However, not every getaway is going to be appropriate for your four-legged pal. Active, outdoorsy excursions are generally ideal. But, even then you might be hesitant. The hurdles you’ll have to overcome when out and about with your pooch may hinder the fun.

Luckily with a bit of planning, you can enjoy a trip away with your dog! Here is some advice to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Buy a hands-free dog running leash

Keeping your dog close and in control is key in your local neighborhood. This is also important when you’re away from home as well.

Thankfully, with a hands-free leash, you don’t need to be encumbered by the all-important apparatus that links you together. Instead, you can run side by side. Your pet won’t be able to stray too far from you.

Choose suitable destinations & check for dog-friendly accommodation

We’ve already mentioned a couple of places that are great for active vacations with your dog, but remember that not everywhere will be as appealing, so it’s a good idea to think carefully and do lots of research.

Firstly, don’t be deterred from visiting cities; just remember that when you do, it’s better to get around on foot so your dog can get plenty of exercises. If you don’t need to take public transport but can make the journey from A to B in an urban area as a pedestrian, go for it!

Of course, a trip to a national park or a countryside location will always be more of a treat. But be certain to check rules relating to dog owners in the area, and remember to be careful when taking your dog anywhere that it might come in close contact with livestock or wildlife.

Second, consider the accommodation you select and ensure that it is explicitly advertised as dog-friendly. There’s nothing worse than turning up at your destination after a long journey, only to be told that you can’t bring your pet into the room with you.

The rise of services like Airbnb has helped open up a world of dog-friendly accommodation across the country.

Keep tabs on your dog’s health & wellbeing

If you feel fighting fit and ready for anything, an active vacation can be a hugely appealing prospect. And so long as your dog is also in fine physical form, it will be just as willing to get out there and explore.

However, if it shows any signs of illness or impairment in the run-up to the trip or during it, you need to be prepared to rethink your plans. Don’t push your dog further than it’s willing to go just because you are having a good time, or you’ll only make things worse.

Make nutrition and hydration a priority

A well-fed and thoroughly hydrated animal will be a joy to be around on an adventurous vacation. That means packing plenty of premium food, and also bringing enough liquids and receptacles so that your dog is never thirsty or hungry for long.

Also, consider the time of year you plan your trip because in the height of summer a dog will be much worse off than a human when participating in physical activities because of its thick coat. And with that, you should be ready to book your next stress-free vacation, pooch and all!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.