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How to Keep the Baby Happy While Traveling

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Babies are that bundle of joy that can either create happiness or be the source of great terror and discontentment. How you treat them and attend to their needs makes all the difference as to which of the two they will be.

As long as you make your baby feel secure, pack your baby girl's clothes, and have their basic needs met, you should be able to enjoy your trip comfortably if you follow the guidelines below.

Travelling with a Baby

While travelling with a baby can prove to be quite a challenge, there are a few things you can do to ensure your baby’s travelling experience is as pleasant as possible. Here are a few ideas:


Undoubtedly, the best most convenient meal to prepare is breastmilk. Plus, it offers additional immunity boosters. Depending on your baby's age, if they are already consuming solid foods, it is best to pack up some snacks for them. This could be fruits or porridge or formula.

Have the formula ready to avoid delays. If traveling by plane, the best time to feed is when taking off or landing. This not only reduces the discomfort in the ears, but it may also soothe them to sleep. It also prevents them from being hungry during the rest of the trip.


Book your accommodation with a baby in mind. If you usually travel light and hostels work for you, you may need to rethink that arrangement when traveling with a baby. A hotel room is likely more suitable and easier to maintain high levels of hygiene, giving you sufficient room to manage your baby.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are like diamonds when traveling with a baby. It’s easy to keep surfaces and your baby girl's clothes clean, wipe spills and drools, as well as soiled hands. You can never have more than enough of these!

Keep Them Engaged

Babies detest sitting still for long periods of time with no activity. Keep them engaged with new toys or nursery rhymes. You may want to consider getting a window seat as opposed to an aisle seat on the plane to allow them the view of the outside.

Baby Stroller

Don't forget your baby stroller especially if you plan to move about. It works well as a stroller, a bed, a high chair, and an all-time baby luggage carrier. Also, in countries where the weather gets too warm, the stroller comes in handy in offering shade to your baby.

Diaper Checks

Soiled diapers are a great source of discomfort for any baby and it is best to ensure you change them before boarding the plane. The restroom on the ground will be more spacious and not make either you or your baby feel cramped during the diaper change process.


If your baby is teething, carry some fruit or veggie sticks that they can bite on during the trip to ease the discomfort that comes with teething.

Don’t Overbook

Don't overbook your day-to-day activities, otherwise, you will exhaust yourself and make you and your baby irritable and grumpy. Remember the whole purpose of the trip is to relax so try to do much of that. Plus, the sites you intend to visit will still be there in a few months when both you and your baby can enjoy them fully.

In Summary

Despite the myths that traveling with a baby is next to impossible, you can plan yourself in a way that both you and your baby and the rest of the family members enjoy your travels. Remember, it is all in the finer details of planning and packing. Before you leave, ensure you have double-checked to ensure you have not forgotten anything behind. Happy Travels!

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