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How to Make A Gallery Wall with Travel Photos

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The moments and memories that we create when we're traveling tend to find their way into moments frozen in time on our camera roll albums and our social media feeds, but you may be doing yourself a disservice of sorts if you haven't yet considered bringing your best photos from those vacations into your home to share with your guests. 

Your home is your sanctuary and a representation of who you are, what you love and where you've been, so why not adorn it with the memories that tell a story about your adventures traveling through life?

A gallery wall is an ideal way to achieve this level of storytelling because by its very nature a gallery wall is designed to be a focal point of the room that it inhabits. It tells a story to all those who see it. A gallery wall of photos is almost like a collage of sorts, and it's relatively easy to achieve one of your own.

Choosing a Theme

You may first want to ask yourself if there is a particular theme you want to go with for your gallery wall design. Maybe there's a particular color scheme, one that matches your furniture but enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Spend a little time thinking about the look you want to achieve before you get started. You may find it helpful to use Instagram or Pinterest in your search for inspiration, but take the time to be inspired by a theme that reflects you and the story you want your gallery wall to tell.

Embrace Creativity

Don't be afraid to get creative with your design. You can accent the photos on your gallery wall by editing your photos to make them artsy or whimsical. You can even find ways of incorporating your saved ticket stubs, coins or maps from your travels. If your gallery wall has a focal point, you may want to consider a map of the world adorned with the trinkets and tickets you've collected while adventuring. 

Get creative and have fun while creating your wall of photos. Keep in mind that your wall is meant to be fun and to tell a story, so it isn't particularly important that you dwell on perfection or even symmetry. Your photos can be displayed in a variety of sizes and in fact, will look much better that way. Ideally, you want your wall to be just as quirky and full of character as you are.

Order Your Canvas Prints

Once you've planned out your theme, focal point and overall inspiration for your gallery wall of travel photos, the next step is to gather everything you'll need to install your masterpiece. Canvas prints are often a preferred way to go and it's easy to upload your designs and have them shipped to your home. 

While you're waiting on your prints to arrive, take note of the dimensions of your photos as well as any other materials that you will need for installation. If you plan to include other trinkets from your travels, go ahead and gather those so that you'll be fully prepared to get to work once your prints have been delivered.

If you've taken note of the dimensions of your prints, you can test the template while you wait on your prints to arrive. Gather some paper, then measure and cut out templates that match the dimensions of your photos. You can tape these to the wall to test and organize your wall ahead of time so that once your prints are there you can get to work installing the gallery wall of photos that you've designed.

Work Around Your Wall

Since your gallery wall is meant to be a focal point of the space it is in, use it as a foundation for the rest of the room. Minimal, accentuating touches will make your photo wall stand out. Take a little time to examine the way the natural light hits the wall. Do you want to enhance it with lighting?

The most important thing about your design is that you have fun creating it and telling a particular story about your travels to the guests who may enter your home. Tell them the kind of story that makes them feel as if they may want to go there and explore those same places someday. You never know who may come into your home and find themselves inspired by your story.

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