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How to Use Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Your Bedroom to Set the Vibe

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In earlier times, not much time ago but there was a practice of calling professionals to change the wallpapers of the house. It cost us labor, extra work, paste brushes, and a lot of mess. Now it isn’t the same and the credit goes to Peel and Stick Wallpaper. Say hello to easy and quick application and goodbyes to hard work and mess. 

If you are renting a house and do not like its décor then peel and stick wallpaper is a good option. It also helps you when you change your mind about the placement of making a mistake in between as you can easily remove and replace it. 

Thinking to change your boring bedroom walls to extraordinary ones? Here is how you can! In this article, you will find some tips about how you can set your desired bedroom vibe. 

Select the wall:

It would be better if you choose a smooth wall as peel and stick wallpaper would be easier to apply on smooth walls. It is not only for wall space, you can even apply it to stairs, furniture, cabinets, and can also frame it as an art piece. 

Measure the wall:

If you are ordering wallpaper then knowing the size is a must. It will help to prevent any mistakes or errors with its placement and application. Always order a bit more than the required length to avoid any mishap. 

Select a pattern:

Peel and stick provide a variety of choices from traditional patterns to modern designs. You can choose according to the vibe you want from the room.

If you want it to be romantic choose some floral patterns, for giving a bold vibe chose some large geometric patterns and for giving a calm atmosphere to your room you can go with neutral tones. These self-adhesive wallpaper will easily change the vibe. 

Consider having other necessities required:

With this peel and stick wallpaper you don’t require much equipment or professionals, you can do it on your own but there are one or two things that would be needed to make your work perfect.

This includes a squeegee to remove air bubbles so your wallpaper gives a smooth look and a blade or a knife to cut excess wallpaper

Go through the directions given:

It is quite important to read the instructions before doing any task so that we came across all the dos and don’ts before starting. Make sure that the wall is smooth, clean, dry, and dust-free. It will just make everything flawless. 

Peel and Stick Now:

Start with unrolling the wallpaper, remove any obstacle that comes in between such as furniture. Make sure not to make the wallpaper crease. Remove any dirt or even the holes present in the wall to give it a smooth look.

Now cut the wallpaper a bit larger than the measured wall. Start to peel off the wallpaper from the top corner and stick it along at the time using the squeegee or any other smoothening tool. Remove excess by knife and you are done!

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