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These 5 In-Demand Pet Products Will Be Hot This Holiday Season

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It's almost the holidays, which means shops will soon be packed with customers looking to buy these in-demand pet products for their loved ones. Pet lovers, in particular, will be searching for gifts that their fur babies are sure to enjoy.

If you’re investing in branded or customized pet merchandise to take advantage of this trend, you’ll want to pick products that are sure to be in demand this season. To give your business a head start, here are five pet products that will likely fly off the shelves during this time.

5 Pet Products That Will Be In-Demand This Holiday Season

Pet Sweaters

What's a holiday without matching colorful sweaters? Merchandise like this is a best-seller among owners who want to flaunt their pets via quirky photos. Owners might want to buy pet clothes that match their own, so it’s a good idea to offer pet and owner twinning sweater sets, too.

Aside from that, check what types of holiday sweaters work best for dogs. Knitted ones are common and will surely do the trick. Also, don't forget about the size of the pets you'll be catering to. You’ll want to produce pet sweaters in a wide range of sizes that can account for pups big and small. 

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Dog Bow Ties and Hats

Customers with fur babies that hate wearing dog clothes may be more interested in fashion accessories such as dog bow ties and hats. These items can still add a touch of fun to any photo while also being much easier to slip onto anxious or skittish pets.

So, consider selling a variety of pet bow ties and hats in different colors and styles. You can even conduct a quick survey of your customers to find out what types of designs they would buy for their dogs. 

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Dog Beds and Blankets

Pet owners are always keen on providing their pups with the best quality of life possible. And as the days grow colder, pet owners will start thinking more about keeping their pets warm and snug. 

To cater to these customers’ needs, consider selling high-quality dog beds in your store. Customers will be happy to invest in such products if it means their pups won’t have to continue sleeping on cold, hard floors.

Make sure to stock up on dog beds in different shapes and sizes to account for variations in dog sizes and preferred sleeping positions. You may also want to throw in a free blanket with each dog bed. That way, your customers will feel like they're getting a great two-in-one deal. 

Remember: a well-rested pet is a happy pet, which, in turn, makes for a highly satisfied pet owner.

Pet Teepees

A pet teepee is an interesting combination of a dog bed and a dog house. In simpler terms, a dog teepee is like a small tent, with an opening on one side and a foam cushion as the base. If you want to stand out from your competitors, you can definitely capture pet parents’ attention with these uniquely shaped home items.

It’s not only the pets who’ll love using this product; pet owners are sure to enjoy putting these teepees together like a creative DIY project. They can also customize these little tents by adding their own decorations or by painting cute patterns and designs directly onto the fabric.

Dog Wine and Wine Bottle Toys

Pet owners will always want to have their fur babies join in on special occasions. Holiday parties, and the drinks associated with them, are no exception. That said, any pet lover knows that dogs can't ingest alcoholic beverages. Thankfully, there's such a thing as dog wine, which is a perfectly healthy non-alcoholic drink for pets.

If you sell branded dog wine to your customers, their pups no longer have to be left out of the festivities! Just make sure to work with a dog wine manufacturer that has a proven track record of providing safe and high-quality products. To sweeten the deal, you can package your dog wines with dog wine bottle toys. These soft and squeaky products are sure to keep pets entertained throughout a long party or holiday event.

Pet owners love celebrating the holidays with their furry family members, and they won’t hesitate to spoil their precious fur babies with lots of fun gifts. Don’t miss this opportunity to cater to your customers’ desires; start preparing your holiday pet product catalog as soon as possible.

At the very least, you should include the five items mentioned above in your line-up. They’re sure to be a hit with pet parents, as they’re not only fun and quirky but also highly practical. Also, don’t forget to invest in marketing materials to promote your new offerings as early as you can. With these products in stock, pet parents are sure to flock to your store!

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