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Italian Women’s Best Kept Fashion Secrets

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Italian women in general are very fashion forward, as Italy is traditionally linked to the fashion culture and handcrafting of clothes and leather goods. While we may dream of one day having that know-how and a wardrobe and with pieces from Italian designers, there are a few cues that we can take from Italian women to boost our own style. 

Here are some of the best-kept fashion secrets of Italian women to keep in mind: 

Quality over quantity

You can really feel (and see) the difference between wearing a quality piece that fits you perfectly compared to having multiple items of the same sort that are lacking in fit or quality. Italian women understand the importance of quality over quantity and investing in high quality basics, and this fashion secret makes a big impact on how put together they look. This doesn’t necessarily mean needing to buy a brand name or paying exaggerative prices either, but rather investing in well-made classic pieces that will last you years to come. 

Leather is forever

A leather piece in your wardrobe is something that you know you can always reach for to elevate your outfit. An elegant quality leather handbag is a must, as it will stand the test of time and always add to your look.

When looking for a quality leather bag, ‘Made in Italy’ is the ultimate stamp of approval. If you are shopping for a new bag, you can look at Mirta’s handbags for example: 100% handcrafted in Italy by local artisans, these are classic and timeless quality pieces. 

Embrace your curves

Every body shape is unique and beautiful in its own right, and Italian women understand that your curves are something to embrace, not try to hide. Take it from them and wear what makes you feel confident and what enhances your natural shape. 

A pair of heels is your friend

You can elevate an outfit in an instant by adding a pair of heels, as they instantly make you look put together and elegant. But the look is just as important as how you walk in a pair of heels. With so many options out there, it is crucial to find the ones that are as comfortable as possible so you are able to walk properly in them. It may take some practice getting used to, but when you master the art of walking in heels you can really elevate your style. 

Wear that lingerie

Even if no one else is going to see it… lingerie is deemed very important, especially for a woman’s self-confidence. Find what makes you feel your best and wear it for you. Confidence starts from within, but in terms of how you present yourself and your style, lingerie is the first set that you put on and it can give you a confidence boost or make you feel ‘just ok’. We all want better than feeling ‘just ok’! 
Italian fashion is undoubtedly gorgeous and Italian women just know how to wear what works for them with this timeless elegance, but the most important thing that threads it all together is confidence. While Italian women have numerous other fashion secrets, this is the crucial one to remember!

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