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How to Keep Your Pet Smelling Fresh and Clean in the Winter

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My little chihuahua loves getting a bath — that is until the weather turns cold and the house stays cool. He shivers the whole time afterwards and it breaks my heart that he is so cold natured (he takes back after his momma). We found a way to make him smell good without freezing him to death so we thought we would share with you our trick for keeping your pet smelling fresh and clean in the winter.

How to Keep Your Pet Smelling Fresh and Clean in the Winter


There are three simple things you can do that my daughter discovered one day while doing some research on the Internet. She has become my information bug whenever we want to know something (it's a good way to showcase those homeschool skills, right?).

She decided to help me out one day and test them out to make sure they really work — and we found every single one of them to be spot on and Tucker never smelled better.

1. Brush your pet regularly


When pets shed, that dead hair can become very stinky. I learned this a long time ago when I had a dog that had massive amounts of hair. She was a shedder and the vet gave me a deshedding comb and let me tell you — my dog went from stinky to smelling amazing.

Every day, for about 10-15 minutes, get your pet down and brush them really good. Tucker loves to be brushed — as you can tell from the photo above. He just goes right to sleep when he is getting groomed.

2. Baking Soda Is a Neutralizer


While researching how to make your pet smell fresh and clean, Kayla found out that baking soda neutralizes the odor emitting from stinky fur. Have you ever noticed how funky your pet smells when the come in from using the bathroom outside? It is NASTY! At least Tucker is anyway. We sprinkle a little baking soda on his fur and then rub his paws with it and it takes away the outside odors he brings in.

3. Doggy Deodorant is a Must


Doggie deodorant spray is a wonderful little creation. I was introduced to it when we dog sat for a friend. Her little guy is smaller than Tucker and to keep his coat smelling fresh, she just spritzes him daily with the coat spray and it does an amazing job.

It's like us humans with our Bath and Body Works body spray!


Because of it being winter, be sure to spend time snuggling your fur babies and playing with them. They get cabin fever just like we do!

How do you keep your pet smelling fresh during the winter month?

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