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What I Learned from Making Homemade Pasta

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Yesterday I wrote a post about just letting go and stop trying to be the perfect mom, wife, and Christian. The more I pondered on that post, the more I realized that I learned a lot while making homemade pasta with my daughter.


It was funny that as I look at this pasta now, in all its gorgeous fettucineness that it did not start like that at all. It started out as a rough ball of dough, barely holding it together. My daughter and I looked at that dough and thought, there is absolutely NO way that this is going to make pasta.

We were for sure that we had screwed it up. Somehow, we just knew that we missed a step somewhere in the 4 ingredient recipe.

It really didn't look like pasta, didn't taste like I thought pasta would, and definitely did not feel like pasta.

Rough pasta dough

After letting it sit and relax for about 20 minutes, we cut it into portions and started kneading it through the machine. Every single time we ran it through it tore. It made gaping holes. It fell apart.

We were almost ready to give up and throw in the towel, but then this happened.

Pasta dough 1

All of a sudden, that dough that was tearing and falling apart, became the smoothest piece of dough I had ever seen. We started flattening it even flatter, preparing to make noodles out of it. Before long, it was paper thin, and smooth as silk.


It's funny to me how God uses something as silly as making pasta to get His point across to me. Sometimes I feel like that pasta. I look at my life, what I do, how I am, and think — how can God use something like my life to ever help someone? How can I ever be of use to God? I have SO much crap in my life right now.

But then, God, in all His glory, shows you how. He stretches you through trials and things going on. He gives you peace in the midst of your storm. And after all is said and done and it's time to step into that THING that God is calling you to do, you are a smooth as silk.


Yes — your life has been stretched beyond belief. Yes — times are hard. Yes — it looks like you will never have it together, but then God.

GOD shows up and changes your outlook from dim and grim to amazing and beautiful.

And then you get to stand back and enjoy the outcome. You get to look back at what once was a messed up life, filled with ugliness, gapes, tears, holes, and crap and marvel at the gorgeous creation that God has made — your life, your ministry, your faith in Him through it all.

What about you?

Has God ever used something silly to speak an encouraging word to you?

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