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Mad Mike’s Burgers in Hebron KY

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Visit Mad Mike's Burgers in Hebron, Ky for one of the best burgers you will ever eat.

When my family and I visited the Creation Museum in June, we decided to eat at places that were only known to that area.

Our first stop was at Mad Mike's Burgers.

When we first drove up, my husband commented how deserted the parking lot was. We were a little concerned because it honestly looked like a little hole-in-the-wall place to eat.


However, after going inside, we all were in burger heaven.

The wall is FILLED with this huge menu that has every kind of burger you can think of listed on it. I chose a Gyro Burger, which has a burger patty and gyro meat on it along with tons of other toppings.

Mad Mike's 4

One bite of this burger and I could not get enough. It was some serious deliciousness.

There are only 5 Mad Mike's in the world and they are all located in the same vicinity. To visit one of these burger joints, you have to drive up near Florence and Hebron Kentucky.

How did we find Mad Mike's Burgers?

My husband loves to check out Urbanspoon whenever we visit new places. It is his job to find us good restaurants to eat at. He is a burger man at heart and as soon as he saw the great reviews, it went on our list of places to visit.

He of course, chose a HUGE burger. Check out this lovely beauty.

Mad Mike's 3

Oh– and the fries. DO NOT GET ME STARTED about the fries. They have Cajun fries — and they come in a huge sack full — kind of like 5 Guys. So many fries, but oh so scrumptious.

If you are ever visiting the Creation Museum, stop by this restaurant. You will want to visit here. I promise you. The prices are great and the food is phenomenal.

I was not paid to promote this post at all. I simply fell in love with the environment and food here.

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