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11 Smart Meal Prep Hacks

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Meal prep hacks include cooking for the whole week, preparing simple meals, buying seasonal products, visiting the farmer’s market, and much more.

Preparing meals can be a very interesting activity.

But many adults spend way too much time thinking about what to cook for the day. Besides, spending money ordering ready-made meals from restaurants. 

This is a waste of time and money. But with the help of some tricks listed below, you can prepare many delicious meals in a short time, and at the same time, save some money.

11 Meal Prep Hacks to Help You Save Time and Money

1. Buy seasonal Foods

There are times when a particular product is grown or produced in plenty and some items face scarcity in production. Like in winter, you can find huge production of fresh cauliflowers, but hardly any mangoes. 

When a product is found in plenty, the price goes down as well. 

So if you start buying and preparing meals with seasonal foods and products, you will save money.

2. Go To Farmer’s Markets Instead Of Local Malls And Shops

Local malls and shops usually buy raw products from the farmer’s market, so they raise the price while selling to gain a profit and compensate for any loss. 

But if you go to the farmer's market and buy the foods and products directly from the farmers, it will be at a much cheaper price, so you save money and help the local farmers too.

3. Cook Simple Meals

Yes, complex dishes might taste better, but they also take a long time to prepare and require different spices as well. Buying all those ingredients will put stress on your wallet. 

So instead of making these time-consuming complex dishes, go for a simple one. Dishes like grilled vegetables can be easily made, and also costs less, saving both money and time. 

If you want to keep things simple yet create some unique dishes, visit Mealprepify

4. Cook Dishes That Require Similar Requirements

Stick to a few selected ingredients so that you do not have to spend too much money. Using fewer ingredients does not necessarily mean you can prepare only a few dishes, you can switch the ingredients to make various new items. 

For example, with fish, you can prepare different meals. Switching to chicken will require you to buy the chicken and the additional ingredients needed for the dish.

5. Visit Different Stores To Check The Price

This is a trade-off between time and money instead of saving both. If you go to one market for your products, you can save time. But if you check a few markets, extra time will be needed, but you can find a shop that has low-priced products. 

So depending on your preference, either buy from one place or visit multiple markets. Checking online for food delivery services like Proper Good is a good option too.

6. Have A Well Maintained Fridge

Many people think that if they put leftover or extra items in the fridge at random, they can save time. 

But they do not realize that they are wasting time in the process. Bringing out one ingredient from a bunch of tightly packed ingredients will require more time. 

So even though having a well-organized fridge might seem to take some time in the beginning, they pay off while searching for specific ingredients later on.

7. Grow Your Vegetables

If you think growing vegetables is costly and time-consuming, you could not be more wrong. Vegetable seeds are very cheap. You just need to get some fertile soil from a nursery. Plant the seeds, and that is it. 

Place them in an area with enough light and water them regularly, and you can get your vegetables. No more buying vegetables from the market.

8. Cook For The Whole Week

Many people spend way too much time as they prepare food for each day. That is not necessary. Cook enough food for one week. Store the extra food in small BPA-free plastic or glass containers in the fridge. 

The fridge keeps the food fresh for a week. You can take out the food per day and just heat it.

9. Buy Ingredients In A Large Amount

You can get two benefits when you buy ingredients in a large amount. One is you save time, with less visit to the grocery store, and the second is when you buy in bulk the store will give you a discount. So not only you will be saving time, but money as well.

You can even give yourself a challenge during the month like my pantry challenge for using all those bulk items up.

10. Use Up Those Leftovers

We did mention that you have to cook a large quantity of food at one time. When there is more food, there will be leftovers as well. Do not throw away these leftovers. Use them to create new dishes, or just to heat up and eat as is.

In our home, we feed on leftovers all the time!

11. Have A Specific Grocery List

A grocery list will not only save you from pointlessly wandering across the shop, but it will also help you visualize what dish you will need to make. So when you return home from shopping, you can immediately start cooking without wondering what to cook.

Final Thoughts

Cooking might seem time-consuming to some and others might think that making dishes will cost big money. But if you follow the meal prep hacks listed here, you will realize how efficiently and easily you can cook.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.