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7 Tips for the Perfect Outer Banks Family Holiday

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Planning a perfect Outer Banks Family Holiday with your children offers more challenges than an adult-only trip. You'll want to think ahead about everything from your accommodations to where you'll want to be eating and all the activities you'll want to do. Everything must be thoroughly planned, from booking a vacation rental to choosing a restaurant. 

If you plan a vacation to the Outer Banks with your children, you are bound to give them a holiday they can never forget. A successful family vacation is about happy children and happy parents, something you'll be sure to attain when you vacation on the OBX! 

So here are eight tips to help you plan the perfect child-friendly holiday. 

Choose family-friendly accommodations

While planning a family vacation with kids, the most crucial part is choosing where you will be staying. A place that is comfortable, private, and within your budget. Carolina Designs vacation rentals are the perfect pick for you as they have a wide array of vacation rental homes with many different amenities and are affordable for a large group or family.

So, if you are searching for a vacation stay, consider a vacation rental home on the Outer Banks to make the best of your trip with fantastic amenities like a swimming pool, well-equipped kitchen, pet friendly, etc. 

Avoid last-minute booking 

An important thing that can help you save a lot of money on your family holiday is booking everything early. From vacation rentals to flight tickets, by booking early, you can save money with early discounts and deals. Also, it saves you from any last-minute hassle of booking and planning. 

Involve your kids in the planning process

Getting your kids involved in the planning process ensures they also get excited about the trip. You can consider their opinion on choosing a vacation rental or activity.

Turn your holiday planning into a family thing so everyone feels included and can suggest something they want to do. It will ensure your family is happy with the vacation that is planned. 

Experience the culture 

A family vacation is a great way to teach children about other cultures and history. The Outer Banks offers you and your family many such programs and tours for memorable experiences. You can take a trip through history with the Wright Brothers National Memorial, The Lost Colony, Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, theaters, etc. So, do not forget to add these destinations to your itinerary. 

Do extensive research

Research is a crucial part of planning a perfect family vacation. So, do your best to choose suitable activities, vacation rentals, and tourist spots. You must research and list the best places to visit, restaurants, activities, museums, and tourist attractions. Researching beforehand will save you a lot of time and effort. Remember to look for places that are appropriate for a family with children. 

Set up safety protocols 

Setting up some safety guidelines for your children is very important to ensure they are having fun while being safe. Establish rules and protocols like choosing a common place to meet if you get separated, providing them with emergency contact numbers, and keeping watchful eyes on them. 

Pack smartly 

While packing your bags for your trip to the Outer Banks, remember to pack only essential and useful things. Overpacking is common when traveling with kids. Only pack necessary things like clothes, medicines, shoes, etc. Remember, the Outer Banks has everything, so even if you forget to pack something, you can still get it after reaching the OBX.


For a holiday that caters to not only you but also your children, follow the above tips to ensure an unforgettable stay. Keep them in mind when planning a vacation that your whole family can enjoy without making a fuss. Choose the ideal vacation rental, plan thoroughly, and pack accordingly.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.